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I don’t actually remember how I first met Renee Robinson. I think it all started when some unmitigated ‘Ho wrote a cruel review about her writing, and I jumped to her defense. That sounds about like me. Anyone who could write cruelly about someone who does what Renee does with her life deserves a smack-down. Of course, I have never met her in person, but I have been corresponding with her for a while. Renee is a Terminal Cancer victim, who just received the dreaded “There is nothing else we can do” message, a message I never received myself, but feared nevertheless.

You see, Renee is the author of Captain Chemo: Out Cancer, Out! (Captain Chemo and Team Book 1). It is a poem, a poem designed to help children who are going through chemo to build courage and remain positive through the horrors of chemo. And believe me – chemo is horrendous. The pain, the vomiting, the weakness – it is all more than even adults can sometimes handle. Now, think about a small child going through the same thing – the horror of it all beyond their understanding. Renee’s book helps. Maybe not in any “this is going to make it all go away” sort of way – but it provides hope for the little ones.

Tracy Townsend with Healthsource 10 interviewed Renee on July 23. You can watch the video here:

Renee Robinson

Renee and her family have donated several of her books to Nationwide Children’s, The James and the Fairfield Medical Center.

This book is a perfect donation for the cancer centers in your area. Why not be a peach and purchase several? The children will thank you – and your heart will too.

How courageous is it, for someone like Renee who is Terminal, to care so much about children suffering from cancer and try to help them? Renee is someone I am proud to call my friend. Leiah Cooper.

The Beggar

Nae's Nest —  November 14, 2013 — 3 Comments


No one notices as he sneaks

Fresh blood pulled through his teeth

A healthy body slowly cries.

Strangled of blood supply

Slowly, the beast continues to devour

Greedily, licking his lips.

Feeding every minute of every hour

Never stopping to feel remorse.

Unable to feel what he does not have

A being without a soul

He is out of control


I am a beggar on the street.

I do not ask for money.

I ask for life as I weep.

Chemo  prolongs life.

Chemo takes life

Doing nothing, certain death

Growing tired, cannot rest

Where is the Oracle?

Out seeking  miracles

The beast will not stop

He feeds on life

He seeks the soul

Frenzied and out of control


Unable to breathe in deep

Fresh air a forgotten memory

A healthy body slowly cries

A lung being forced to die

It holds on.  Dedicated to life

It continues to struggle

It continues to fight

It does all it can to simply breathe

Until I cry and fall to my knees

Renee Robinson

Medal of Life

Nae's Nest —  November 9, 2013 — 6 Comments

In one hand, I clasp the medal of life.

In the other, I hold the hand of Christ.

I do not travel this path alone.

For there are many who help me along.

I can do anything when in the valley of shadows.

I must stay strong and work through my sorrows.

The angel of death is always near.

An angel of beauty,  There is nothing to fear.

For this angel is sent with love from God.

To lead me on when my time comes.

The valley of shadows is well-traveled.

The road is rocky, not for the meek and mild

It is worth the effort if I make it through

Waters that heal and a life renewed

Await me just over that hill

In God’s name I pray

It is His will.

Renee Robinson


Nae's Nest —  November 7, 2013 — 5 Comments

I see much more with my eyes closed.

Endless night skies

Deep with stars

Ripe for the picking

To hang on the trees

A full moon glowing bright,

I can pull it down

To shine in a child’s room

All through the night

I can find a magic lamp

Light it with a feather

Leave it in the meadow

Allow it to feed the heather

I am a dream come true

I am a part of you

I am a dreamer, a painter

A wordmaker

I am many, many things

A living shiftshaper

God is my guide

My faith I give to Him

I can tell stories and play with dragons

I am a toy which someone imagined

God is real, He can do all

I give myself to Him

I pray He will hear my call

I need His touch, I need His healing blood

I put all my toys behind me

All my strength is used to seek Thee

No more dreams, no more plans

I am in need of a healing hand

Renee Robinson

Pouring Down Angels

Nae's Nest —  October 3, 2013 — 4 Comments

Pouring down miracles with each rain

Miracles all around us, yet we complain

It is in the eyes of a baby with his first giggle

It is in an unseeing touch, yet deeply felt

Letting you know His presence is near.

Need only to hear with the heart

The words will reign clear

Don’t hide under an umbrella all of your life

Let the rain gently fall on your face

Cleansing the skin, scrub away fear

Feel the dampness and the chill in the air

Even this is good for life. For the atmosphere

Soon the sun will shine and new flowers will bloom.

Fresh water abound with honeysuckle perfume

Miracles come every day.  In all shapes, sizes and disguises

I must pan through the rain and sort out the drops.

There must be one to make the pain stop.

Another to heal me, and my family be blessed

That we may all lose this burden and finally have rest

Renee Robinson

Wings of Hope

Nae's Nest —  September 21, 2013 — Leave a comment


Tiny Rubies fly through the air

Miracles  all around us

They are not so rare

Hummingbirds  spring

A thimbles nest, they live

Tiny and beautiful From God, a gift

Proof of a higher power

Small birds in tiny nests

Miracles hiding in plain sight

Seldom does one ever rest

Immune we are

To God’s hand

We fail to see, to comprehend

We do not question what we see

We only grumble about what we think we need

Miracles hiding in plain sight

We only need to open our eyes

Often God’s answer can be found

Take time to listen to subtle sounds

The flutter of a dove’s wing

Or the scent of a fragrant rose

God’s hand is found everywhere

Offering us wings of hope

One Miracle Away

Nae's Nest —  July 28, 2013 — 8 Comments

 I gathered up  some blessings

I hoped to make a trade

But I come up short

Just one miracle away

My life is full of blessings

Too many to count

Yet I am coming up short

It is such a high amount

Some blessings I won’t trade

For they mean too much to me

The love of my parents

They are a treasure to me

The love of my life

And that of my sons

I won’t trade them in

They are priceless sums

But there must be something

God is good to me

I never quite realized

All He has done for me

I started looking back

And the blessings poured in

For my life is enriched

So blessed I have been

Some I overlooked

But for all I am grateful

For each and everyone

I am one of the faithful

Perhaps asking for a miracle

Is selfish of me

Now that I look back

To see all He’s done for me

I think I will place

Myself in God’s hands

He has taken me this far

By Him I’ll stand

Heavenly Father

As I  walk this path

May I take you by the hand

May you soothe my wrath

Renee Robinson

My Final Year

Nae's Nest —  July 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

Feel my need, my fear, my pain

Look into my heart and relieve the strain

See who I am and what I need to be

Dear Lord, I beg, Please heal me

A year and a half is not very long

It is all I have to heal and to grow strong

I need a miracle to proceed

I will follow wherever He leads

I am your child, I am in need

May your words touch  and heal me

Oh please Lord

I am on bended knee

Oh please Lord

Hear my plea

Oh please Lord

Help me

Rock me in your arms

A soothing song, sing to me

Help me that I may understand

Show me visions of the promised land

Ease my pain, take my fear

Please be with me, my final year

Asking for a healing

Is this your plan?

Or is it my time to leave this land?

Renee Robinson


Miracle of The Rose

Nae's Nest —  March 29, 2013 — 5 Comments

A delicate rose, A beauty of nature, A cycle of life

Past, present and future

Some no longer see, The sensational array

Of miraculous happenings, Always on display

The miracle of the rose, The spirit of the wind

Dusk to dawn, Souls transcend

Every moment replayed

Miraculous transformations

Between darkness and light, Energetic vibrations

Every breath we breathe, And all within sight

When a dream comes true. When a heart feels love

All life on earth. Every star above

From the moment of awakening, Until it is time to unwind

When all eyes drift shut, And the sun no longer shines

A ring of miracles, Circle everyday, A seed is sewn and soon will  grow

The beginning of a new cycle, A Divine, spectacular show

Walking around with our eyes closed, No longer able to see

The miracle of the rose

Renee Robinson

My favorite photographer, Anne Geddis: