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‘Unbroken Souls’ will be released on Friday, August 1. This is a collection of my poetry that I have written over the years. Normally, I throw a poem on Facebook now and then, but I was inspired by Renee. Anyone who has read my blog, knows that Renee Robinson is a dear friend of mine. I read two of her poetry books so far and gave both of them 5 stars. It was becoming her friend and reading her emotions that gave me the inspiration to put together my own collection. Basically, she said I should (so I did). My book is dedicated to Renee and I have even included a poem that I wrote specifically for her.


When it’s released, I will post buy links.



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"Marie’s World" by Joe E. Legend & Kristal McKerrington
Four Stars. The story sends the reader on a journey of suspense as Marie, does her best to protect those she cares about, and how she must deal with her current life as it clashes with her past. It’s an excellent story of strength and the writing brings on a level of suspense. I found myself rooting for Marie to make the right choice, and to realize that all her secrets would come out, eventually. The torment of Marie shows in the character’s actions and thoughts.‘Never meet those you idealise as they can never live up to what you dream them to be.’ I’m not a fan of cliffhanger endings but I found myself looking forward to what would happen to Marie next.


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5 stars for Butterfly Wings <a href=" I love the emotions that were poured out on paper. My favorite poem was The Shadow Man but I loved each poem. Robinson's prose brought me on an emotional journey and brought tears and comfort to my heart.

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Five Stars for this Children’s book.

Another great book written by Renee Robinson. Robinson’s children’s books are inspiring and totally lyrical, and Bullfrog Boogie is no different. Children can read along with the wonderful rhythmic words or even sing them to their own tune. Children will find themselves wanting to "boogie" right along with the animals and even the creek. "All the birds line up to sing
Even the creeks are rippling." The colorful photos bring the children right into the story as well. Robinson even adds pages so that kids can color their own character.


It’s a great story for young children.


Bullfrog Boogie is available on


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I have recently been inspired … inspired by a great woman, my friend, Renee Robinson. She writes children’s books, as well as poetry. In reading her work, I got inspired to share my poetry, too. I write poems as they come to me, but I only share a poem here and there on facebook. In thinking about how many poems I have written, I have decided to create a collective poetry books, tentatively entitled "Unbroken Souls". I guess this is my new WIP, but I still have two other stories that are works in progress. Having just finished one "third" draft, I think it’s the perfect time to gain more perspective and collect my poetry.

Will post more when I have more to share … maybe a release date or cover reveal … who knows because I never know.

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Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, some are close by and others may be miles away. With the rise of social media and the greatness of technology, we can become "friends" in an instant. Of course, there is a difference between knowing someone and just having them as  "friend" or a "follower" on one of your social media sites. Sometimes, we meet someone that we truly like and grow to care about, even if we have not ever met them. Like most things, letter writing has gone by the way side and we now text or email, or even comment on a "status" or whatever. I can say that nowadays, without the use of sites like "Facebook", "Twitter" and "linked in", I would probably not be in contact with a lot of my friends and family as I am now.

Recently, I was very lucky to "meet" this wonderful and inspiring woman and author of poetry and children’s books. She and I have become dear friends. I have to admit that it is nice to become friends with a fellow author. I have read what she has written, children’s books and poetry and she is very good at what she does. She also has terminal Cancer. Though, she is sick and has to deal with chemo, I think her strength and inspiring words of poetry and children’s stories, have kept her alive. I am glad that she is my friend.

I want everyone who has children to pick up one of her children’s books and all adults to read her blogs and read her poetry. Click on the link to go to her blog.

Renee Robinson

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I have leaned more in the past few months about marketing strategies than I did in the years since I first wrote "Unwritten Life" in 2004. I have decided to take a new look at my old (and published) works as I continue to work on my current projects, while also doing some reviews. Hey, I figure I read a lot anyways, I might as well review what I write. I do, however, only post the reviews of the stories that I like and if I feel they deserve less than 3 stars, I will not post my review.

Anyway, that’s my rant, Getting back to my focus on "old" stories. I’m working to start promoting the ones I already have out there and I figured the best way is to start at the beginning.

"Unwritten Life" was written in December of 2004. Yes, it took me four weeks to write my first draft of the lovely story that grew into a Saga with 68 volumes. The first edition "Unwritten Life" was published by then-publisher PublishAmerica (Now, it’s America Star books) in May of 2005. After the contract on that expired, I made some minor changes (but not to the storyline) and republished the second edition of "Unwritten Life" in 2012 by Lulu. It is now available on KINDLE format as well. (And until the end of July, it’s on sale for 99 cents). In about two to three weeks, it will also be available on audiobooks, and when it is, I will be shouting out loud on that one!

"Unwritten Life" is just the beginning of the story. Not only for the main Character Alex Garrison, but also for me, since it was the first full length book I had ever written. Since that fateful day when I finished it, I have written over 83 books. But this is about Alex Garrison and the friends and family she meets on her "unwritten" path.  And just a hint (even on book 68, Alex Garrison is still alive and well, well, kind of).

Recently, I was interviewed about "Unwritten Life" and here is the link to my INTERVIEW at HEI!Books

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Great story about a mother realizing that her children are growing up. The hangers that hold a child’s clothes can’t grow with the child so the children’s clothes eventually need adult hangers. The sign of growth.


Small Hangers by Amy Fraher

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This is an amazing story of the fight against Cancer. The story is about the mighty chemo which helps the fight against the horrible and painful Cancer. Any child who suffers from Cancer or who has a sibling or friend who does will enjoy reading this in order to understand and get strength from the story.

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Definitely 5 STARS

Positively inspiring. The collection of poem were both light and dark, celebrating life as well as fighting against death and what comes after death. Robinson was able to paint colorful as well as dark images with her use of words, which showed how her emotions flowed from her body to her pen, to the paper.  Several passages caught my eye as I read her words and I could feel what she was feeling. I could see what she was seeing. I didn’t think I could pick one favorite poem until I was almost finished reading the book. The poem "Just One" stood out for me and I think it’s my favorite. Robinson writes "Hoping I will get well, Healing salts of the sea, say a prayer for me, I need just one, just one prayer, just one to save me." This is the poem that brought tears to my heart.

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Momma.He’s coming for me He stepped down from heaven Placed His breath upon my cheek

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The Morning Press: CRC, Camas administrator, local shutdown …

Green is life as it rises from the ground

Masterfully molded and sculpted

The greatest artforms around

Evergreen the earth, fields and trees

Breath in the air

All is fresh and clean

Another day has come

I watch the birth of the sun

A masterpiece in the sky

A new sun to greet

This can’t be taken from me

It lives deep inside

Such beauty abounds

Feeling energized

Giving me ambition

To live another day

Another memory to create

Another day to give praise

I reach within myself

I find a memory

I post it in my heart,

I carry it with me

I will pull it out and look at it often

It is a part of me,

Something long forgotten

I focus on it and it brings me a smile

It gives me new hope

Helping me to walk another mile

Everyday is a rebirth

Everyday is a blessing

Today is another miracle

I am here to enjoy

Renee Robinson

Medal of Life

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In one hand, I clasp the medal of life.

In the other, I hold the hand of Christ.

I do not travel this path alone.

For there are many who help me along.

I can do anything when in the valley of shadows.

I must stay strong and work through my sorrows.

The angel of death is always near.

An angel of beauty,  There is nothing to fear.

For this angel is sent with love from God.

To lead me on when my time comes.

The valley of shadows is well-traveled.

The road is rocky, not for the meek and mild

It is worth the effort if I make it through

Waters that heal and a life renewed

Await me just over that hill

In God’s name I pray

It is His will.

Renee Robinson

When Cancer Disappears

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When Cancer Disappears: The Curious Phenomenon of “Unexpected Remission”

by Kelly A. Turner, PhD

We’ve all heard a story like this one. After trying all that Western medicine has to offer, a person with Stage 4 cancer is told there is nothing more the doctors can do and is sent home to receive hospice care. Five years later, that person strolls into the doctor’s office feeling great, with no further evidence of cancer.

In the medical world, this kind of case is referred to as a spontaneous remission, which is defined as the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of cancer without medical treatment or with medical treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor.”

Many researchers, including myself, believe that the word spontaneous is a misnomer and should be changed toto unexpected or unlikely. We feel this way because few things in life are truly spontaneous—occurring purely by accident. It is more likely that these remissions have a cause—or two or three—that science has not yet identified.


Regardless of what we call them, unexpected remissions do occur, and more than one thousand cases (across all types of cancer) have been published in medical journals. Thousands more have most likely occurred but not been published, because most doctors don’t take the time to write-up a report and submit it to a journal—which unfortunately is currently the only way of tracking these kinds of cases. Based on what has been published, unexpected remissions are estimated to occur in one out of every sixty thousand to one hundred thousand cancer patients; however, the true incidence rate is likely higher than that due to underreporting. (Personally, I prefer to call them Miracles–Renee Robinson)

Over the past century, there has been a steady flow of published case reports along with flashes of increased interest in this topic. For example, in the 1960s, the first two scientific books on unexpected remission were published, which led to a sharp increase in the number of case reports submitted to medical journals.3 After awhile, however, interest in the topic lulled again until the late 1980s when the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) launched the Spontaneous Remission Project, which culminated in the publication of a comprehensive bibliography of documented cases.4 Since then, approximately twenty new cases of unexpected remission are published each year, and there still has been a noticeable lack of formal research into why these remissions might occur.

It’s understandable, in a way. How do you begin to research something you cannot explain? Many conventional doctors feel threatened by these “miraculous” cures and don’t wish to talk about them—much less research them—for fear that they will give “false hope” to their other patients. In fact, most of the unexpected remission survivors I have studied are thrilled to have finally found a professional who is interested in learning how they healed. They often lament, “My doctor didn’t even ask how I did it.”

The Present Research

Perhaps because I am a qualitative researcher and not a medical doctor, I have always been fascinated by cases of unexpected remission. When I began studying them during my doctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley, I was disappointed to see how little research had been done on this topic. The first problem I saw was that there was no database where I could easily find and analyze these cases. The second issue I noticed was that two groups of people had been largely ignored in the research: the survivors themselves as well as nonallopathic healers. It seemed odd that in an effort to explain unexpected remissions, we weren’t asking the opinions of the people who had actually healed. I also couldn’t understand why, when trying to explain a remission that is by definition not a result of allopathic treatment, we weren’t seeking out hypotheses from nonallopathic healers.

As a result, my dissertation research involved collecting hypotheses from these two previously ignored groups about why unexpected remissions may occur. More specifically, I spent ten months traveling the world in search of fifty nonallopathic cancer healers. My research led me to interview healers in the United States, China, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, India, England, Ireland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Brazil (translators were used when necessary). When I returned from this amazing trip, I found twenty unpublished cases of unexpected remission and conducted phone interviews with the survivors. I purposely sought out unpublished cases first, in order to see if the underreporting issues were true—which they were. I am grateful to the American Cancer Society for providing partial funding for this study.

My seventy hour-long interviews resulted in more than three thousand pages of transcripts, which I analyzed multiple times to find recurring themes. I identified more than seventy-five “treatments” for cancer, six of which were “very frequent” among all seventy subjects. Underlying beliefs about cancer also emerged from the interviews, of which three were very frequent. I am happy to share these results here in an abbreviated form. Please remember that these are hypotheses only, not facts.

Belief #1: Change the Conditions under which Cancer Thrives

The majority of my interviewees believed that cancer thrives under certain, suboptimal conditions in the body-mind-spirit system and that to remove cancer, those underlying conditions must change. Healer #21 from Hawaii explained it this way:

The most successful recoveries seem to be strongly associated with major mental, emotional, or physical behavioral changes among the people with the illness. What is major for one person, of course, may not be the same for another . . . I know of one success where a woman left her family, took up a different religion, changed her clothing and diet, and moved to a different country. Maybe she needed all of those changes or maybe not, but overall it worked for her. I know of another person, a man, who simply stopped trying to outdo his father, and that worked for him.

Belief #2: Illness = Blockage/Slowness; Health = Movement

The majority of my interviewees also believed that any illness—including cancer—represents a blockage or slowness somewhere in the body-mind-spirit system, whereas health occurs when there is a state of unhindered movement or flow.

FIELD NOTES: Healer #1 explained his theory of “bypasses,” which he described as psychological defense mechanisms that function to create a bypass around an energetic block. He said that this energetic block can be located at either the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical level and that these bypasses become solidified over time. In his opinion, true healing only occurs when a person (1) stops bypassing and (2) releases the original blockage.

Belief #3: A Body-Mind-Spirit Interaction Exists, and Energy Permeates All Three Levels

The third belief that the majority of my interviewees discussed was the idea that a body-mind-spirit interaction exists and that energy permeates all three of these levels. According to Healer #35, an American-born, Peruvian-trained shaman:

You have to have mind, body, and spirit healing. . . Most of us who live in our physical bodies, we don’t even know about spiritual or emotional bodies. So we have to connect with all three of them. But you see, in the mountains of the Andes, [the Andean people] are already connected.

In addition to these three underlying beliefs about health, there were also six treatments that the cancer survivors and healers discussed most frequently. These included physical as well as emotional, energetic, and spiritual “treatments.” They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Changing One’s Diet

The majority of my interviewees believed it was important to change their diet to primarily whole vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans, while eliminating meat, sugar, dairy, and refined grains. Unexpected Survivor #16, who overcame liver cancer without conventional medical treatment, explains the major changes he made in his diet:

[I healed] by just going on a basic, good, predominantly raw, vegan diet alone and supplementing it with lots of juices, like carrot juice, which of course is packed with nutrients. And the reason why the juices are so important is we have depleted basically all of our produce . . . That’s the reason for using juices as a supplement . . . All of a sudden the body says, Wow! It’s like watering the lawn when it’s dry.

Experiencing a Deepening of Spirituality

The majority of my interviewees also discussed feeling—not just believing but actually feeling—an internal sensation of divine, loving energy. Some even had transcendent experiences, such as Unexpected Survivor #4, who healed from a Stage 3 lung cancer without conventional medical treatment:

It was a ten-day, silent retreat, where you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t acknowledge other people in the room, and you just meditated for like fourteen hours a day. And I had this experience that I can’t explain. It was like all of a sudden there was a flash, and in my eyes I could see rivers of energy swirling around and at the same time felt that same thing through every cell of my body. And there’s a word for it, but I forget what the teacher said it was—but he explained that, “You felt your soul. You felt your true essence.” And I said, “Did I feel God?” And he kind of smiled and said, “Some people may call it that.”

Feeling Love/Joy/Happiness

The majority of my interviewees also discussed the importance of increasing love and happiness in their life in order to help regain their health.

FIELD NOTES: [Unexpected Survivor #5, who overcame a rare lymphoma without conventional medical treatment] said that the energy/spiritual healer that he saw flooded his lymph system with energy and that after the treatment he felt like “a teenager in love.” He felt love toward everyone and everything. He said the treatment made him realize that if he could only find a way to feel that level of unconditional love all of the time, then he would be healed from his cancer.

Releasing Repressed Emotions

Because many of my interviewees believed that illness represents a state of blockage, they therefore believed that it was healthy to release any emotions they had been holding onto, such as fear, anger, and grief. Unexpected Survivor #19, who overcame pancreatic cancer without conventional medical treatment, explains her insight into this process:

I believe that the energy stuck in my body that appeared to be a mass or a tumor, and which [my physicians] called cancer, had been caused by these patterns that I was describing to you that don’t get released, that are continually overlaid, over and over and over, wherever they are. So if it’s kidney cancer, it’s probably excessive fears; if it’s lung cancer, it’s grief of some sort that hasn’t been resolved. I mean, I think they can be very much tracked back to patterns, thought patterns, thought forms that are not releasing, and therefore they hold in the cell memory are not being released.

Taking Herbs or Vitamins

Many of my interviewees also took various forms of supplements, with the belief that they would help to detoxify their body or boost their immune system or both. Here is how Unexpected Survivor #8, who overcame Stage 3 colon cancer, described it:

Dr. Turner: Of all the things you just told me about, what do you think was the most influential for your healing, or are they all pretty equal for you?

Unexpected Survivor #8: I would say, for my body, that would be the Wholly Immune [supplement] that I got . . . It has like about fifty different things in it . . . [A friend] researched it and said, “In that Wholly Immune, you’ve got seven cancer fighters. If you were taking them on their own, it wouldn’t be as potent.” He said that because they’re in combination, it acts as a cancer destroyer.

Using Intuition to Help Make Treatment Decisions

Finally, many of my interviewees talked about the importance of using intuition to help make treatment-related decisions. For example, Unexpected Survivor #7, who overcame recurrent metastatic breast cancer after conventional medicine had failed to work, described how a healer’s intuition matched her own:

[The Tibetan healer] took his finger and with a pinpoint accuracy touched every spot on my body where I had had cancer, or where I had cancer presently. It was amazing! He could see what scans couldn’t see. I had predicted my cancer four times. I had led [my doctors] to it with a pinpoint of accuracy before the scans could even pick up the collection of cells. [The Tibetan healer] could do what I could do with my own body.

In addition to the six “treatments” listed above, which were common among both the healers and the unexpected survivors, there were additional treatments that were more frequent in one group than the other. For example, the following three themes were very frequent among the twenty unexpected survivors, but less so among the healers.

Taking Control of Health Decisions

The vast majority of the unexpected survivors discussed taking a more active role in health decision-making, as opposed to passively accepting whatever their doctors told them. Unexpected Survivor #9, who overcame recurrent metastatic breast cancer after conventional medicine had failed to work, describes it this way:

Once the panic and fear had subsided after the breast cancer returned for the fifth time, I felt as certain as I ever had been that the only person who could save me was the scientist within . . . For five years, I had done everything my doctors had advised and undergone all the treatments that they had prescribed . . . [This time] I decided that instead I would look at breast cancer in a detached way, as a natural scientist, and try to understand the disease as a type of natural phenomenon.

Having a Strong Will to Live

The vast majority of the unexpected survivors demonstrated a strong will to live. Unexpected Survivor #15, who overcame Stage 3 breast cancer without conventional medicine, demonstrates this willfulness:

The doctor said to me, “After you get this surgery done and have the chemo and radiation, we can give you five more years to live.” And I thought, I want to live more than five years! So, when the doctor said that, I got mad . . . So I kind of went out with an attitude of this isn’t going to beat me. I’m going to do this.

Receiving Social Support

Finally, the vast majority of unexpected survivors in this study described receiving positive social support during their cancer experience. Unexpected Survivor #13 describes the outpouring of love that she received:

One of the things I truly learned [when I had cancer] is that I am valued . . . I was able to share the reality of my experience, and people resonated with that and just stepped in to do whatever was needed. It was a huge validation of the universe and that all life is valued. I wasn’t valued because I’m me, my person necessarily, but because my lifehas value. All life has value, and that includes mine . . . It’s a wonderful consequence of this disease, the outpouring of love. Well, maybe it’s the purpose

There were two themes that occurred more frequently among the healers than the unexpected survivors: (1) healing, infusing, or unblocking energy and (2) strengthening or activating the immune system. You can read more about these, as well as further analysis of all themes, in my full dissertation.

Future Directions

The results from this qualitative study provide some hypotheses as to why unexpected remission may occur. What is needed now is for researchers to study these hypotheses in clinical trials that can test first for safety, then for feasibility, and finally for causality. In addition, there is an immediate need for a central database of unexpected remission case reports, ideally one that is online.

I am currently working on creating such a database and website, with the hope that survivors, doctors, and healers will be able to quickly submit their case reports so that researchers like myself can verify and analyze them. Eventually, this de-identified (anonymous) database will also be searchable by the public, serving not only as a portal for researchers but also as a source of inspiration for cancer patients who are currently battling the disease.

If you know anyone who has healed their cancer either (1) without conventional medicine, (2) after conventional medicine failed, or (3) who used integrative methods to outlive a dire prognosis, please encourage them to submit their case at (currently in beta). All submitted reports will be automatically de-identified unless specifically asked not to by the survivor.

In closing, I would like to say that studying anomalies such as unexpected remissions is neither easy, nor uncontroversial, nor immediately fruitful. However, I firmly believe that such research can lead us to a new paradigm of scientific understanding, and that by rigorously investigating unexpected remissions—as opposed to simply ignoring them—we can make significant advances in the war on cancer.

 had breast cancer 14 years ago, and I too was treated with chemo and radiation. I was happy to receive these treatments, but I also felt that something was lacking. This feeling intensified a spiritual quest that included listening to my inner voice, shamanism, herbs, and meditation. I am well today. Jane

Another Journey

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Death swirling around showing all colors
It isn’t all black as I feared
It is memories coming back, played like a movie
All the good, bad, funny and endeared
It is skinned knees and a baby’s cry
It is hugs, kisses and birth
It is death, sickness and Mom’s apple pie
It is wondrous, glorious, another journey
A new page in time
Have no fear, try to be brave
Death’s colors will shine
Keep fighting to live
Life is a great masterpiece
All the blessings and love
Will never cease
And so is death
An ongoing journey
Filled with love and memories
That lives through eternity

Renee Robinson

To Live or Not To Live?

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About 6 weeks ago, my chemo was stopped.  I have had chemo on and off for over 4 years.  I just can’t seem to get rid of the cancer.  It started in my colon. I had to give up 16 inches of large intestine, followed by chemo.  Precancerous cells were found in my throat and the chemo was blamed for creating ulcers in my stomach.  I had surgery to remove the part of the esophagus where the cancer cells were having a party.  The ulcers were treated for over a year before healing.  From there it traveled to my liver.  I had 2 tumors burned off and a portion of my liver was removed for the other 2.  Much like a lizard rejuvenating its tail when it is bitten off, the liver has the ability to grow back.  It is the only organ in our body with this ability.  This procedure was followed by chemo.

Within only a couple of months after the liver surgery, the cancer moved right back into my liver.  This time it brought an army.  I have too many tumors to count.  Operating is out of the question.  Nor can I have a liver transplant because I am considered “high risk” …(isn’t everyone waiting for an organ “high risk”?)

So, back to chemo.  After a few doses, my CT scan showed while still numerous, the tumors were shrinking. Back to chemo.

Every single dose of chemo makes me very sick.  Not just the usual nasty side effects which are expected, but also the numerous side effects which are less common.  The chemo is eating away too many healthy blood cells and tissue.  My thought processes are affected which makes me a little slower and forgetful.  My nerve endings are damaged beyond repair which causes me tremendous pain primarily in my legs and feet. My intestines no longer seem to know how to function.  It gets angry just about every time I try to eat.  Sometimes it speeds food through my system too fast.  Other times, it doesn’t seem to want anything to leave my body as if my nutrition is taking a leisurely scenic route all the way through.

I ended up being too sick to go to chemo.  Somehow that almost sounds like an oxymoron.  I missed my last 2 chemo appointments because I couldn’t even leave bed I was left so weak and ill.

The Doctor decided to give me a 6 week break from chemo before returning.  This means around July 31rst, I will be returning.  He said without chemo I will have around a year to 1 1/2 years to live.  If I can tolerate chemo, my life will be prolonged but I will continue to get weaker and sicker as the chemo also eats away more of my healthy tissue.  Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it?

I suppose I will go back to chemo.  Although I ask myself is worth it?  Is it worth it when my quality of life goes down my colon? I believe I will try it again.  I just don’t have a choice, do I?

I continue to pray for a miracle.  In fact, I now beg for a miracle.  I don’t want to die.  Four years later, I still want to live.  I continue to fight.

To pray.

To write.

To love.

To hope.

To beg.

To live.


Dandelion Tea

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Dandelion Tea

Researchers in Windsor, Ont., have received an additional $157,000 grant for a total of $217,000 to study how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer.

Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor, has been studying the anti-cancer potential of dandelion root extract for almost two years.

His team’s first phase of research showed that dandelion root extract forced a very aggressive and drug-resistant type of blood cancer cell, known as chronic monocytic myeloid leukemia, to essentially commit suicide.

Researchers then discovered that repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in killing most of the cancerous cells.

Those initial findings landed the research team a $60,000 grant from Seeds4Hope, which provides money for local cancer research.

Pandey then applied for continued funding from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. That $157,000 came through earlier this week bringing the total to $217,000.

Researcher was skeptical at first

Pandey admits he was skeptical when he was first approached by local oncologist, Dr. Caroline Hamm, who was curious about cancer patients who had been drinking dandelion tea and seemed to be getting better.

“To be honest I was very pessimistic,” Pandey said in a statement. “She said it could be coincidental but it couldn’t hurt to see if there is anything.”

Hamm was convinced that the weed contains an active ingredient, but warned earlier this year that “it can harm as well as benefit.”

She told CBC News in February that taking dandelion extract tea could interfere with regular chemotherapy, and she urged patients not to mix the natural remedy with other cancer drugs without speaking to a doctor first.

Pandey conducted a literature review and could only find one journal article suggesting dandelions may have cancer-killing properties. But he and his team of graduate students collected a bunch of the weeds anyway, ground them up with a mixture of water in a food processor and developed a simple formula they could experiment with.

They tested the formula on several lines of commercially available leukemia cells and much to their surprise, found that the formula caused those cells to kill themselves, a process called apoptosis.

“It was startling, but it was not that startling until we saw that it was non-toxic to the normal cells,” he said.

John DiCarlo, 72, was admitted to hospital three years ago with leukemia. Even after aggressive treatment, he was sent home to put his affairs in order with his wife and four children.

The cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. Four months later, he returned to the clinic in remission. He has been cancer free for three years.

He said his doctor credits the dandelions.

“He said, ‘You are doing pretty good, you aren’t a sick man anymore’,” DiCarlo told CBC News in February.




Spirits and Psalms

Nae's Nest —  May 25, 2013 — Leave a comment


There is a Flame in the woods

The wolf struggles to see

He must find the fire

He must save the trees


He once guarded the Flame

She was wild and free

She sang with the wind

She danced with the trees

Her Flames told of dreams

The wolf could make come true

The Flame was his lover

His heart she consumed


One night he awoke

His Flame was gone

The wind whispered in his ear

“She was taken by Kahn”


Kahn was a Cancer

From planet Disease

He would slip through the gateway

Bringing the strong, to their knees


Wolf’s heart was breaking

As the news sank in

His Flame lost forever

He feared Kahn would win

For  there would be war

Flame must be found

The land was at stake

Kahn would take more ground

Never happy with one flame

Kahn would want more

Using her to burn the forest

Every grove he’d explore

Wolf called up the pack

He called in the herds

He gathered all the troops

Even imploring the birds

We stand united

Together as one source

We can destroy Cancer

Using natural force

The Herbs lead the way

Followed by Spice

Candles were lit

Prayers were said twice

Miracles and blessings

Magical chants

Healers and crystals

Shamans who dance

They followed the smoke

Of Flame’s palms

Cancer was called out

With Spirits and Psalms

Kahn backed up

Having no choice

Unable to beat

This natural force

It was a hard fight

It was a long battle

Kahn finally let go

Turned tail and saddle

In his haste

Kahn dropped Flame

Wolf carefully caught her

Before the woods inflamed


Saved by the land

Wolf’s heart again warm

His Flame returned home

Defeated Cancer by their storm

Renee Robinson











What Would You Do?

Nae's Nest —  April 25, 2013 — 7 Comments

What would you do, if you knew, you had a year to live?

Or maybe 6 months? Would it matter how long?

Would you gather you loved ones,  Would you tell them you love them?  Would you take a trip to a far away land?

What if you are too sick and unable to leave bed?.  What would you do then?

I chose to write. I chose to publish some books.

I would like to finish a novel, will I have time?

So many questions, so many things.  Why did I wait until I am about to die?

Renee Robinson, see my author profile at