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‘Unbroken Souls’ will be released on Friday, August 1. This is a collection of my poetry that I have written over the years. Normally, I throw a poem on Facebook now and then, but I was inspired by Renee. Anyone who has read my blog, knows that Renee Robinson is a dear friend of mine. I read two of her poetry books so far and gave both of them 5 stars. It was becoming her friend and reading her emotions that gave me the inspiration to put together my own collection. Basically, she said I should (so I did). My book is dedicated to Renee and I have even included a poem that I wrote specifically for her.


When it’s released, I will post buy links.



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"Marie’s World" by Joe E. Legend & Kristal McKerrington
Four Stars. The story sends the reader on a journey of suspense as Marie, does her best to protect those she cares about, and how she must deal with her current life as it clashes with her past. It’s an excellent story of strength and the writing brings on a level of suspense. I found myself rooting for Marie to make the right choice, and to realize that all her secrets would come out, eventually. The torment of Marie shows in the character’s actions and thoughts.‘Never meet those you idealise as they can never live up to what you dream them to be.’ I’m not a fan of cliffhanger endings but I found myself looking forward to what would happen to Marie next.


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5 stars for Butterfly Wings <a href=" I love the emotions that were poured out on paper. My favorite poem was The Shadow Man but I loved each poem. Robinson's prose brought me on an emotional journey and brought tears and comfort to my heart.

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Five Stars for this Children’s book.

Another great book written by Renee Robinson. Robinson’s children’s books are inspiring and totally lyrical, and Bullfrog Boogie is no different. Children can read along with the wonderful rhythmic words or even sing them to their own tune. Children will find themselves wanting to "boogie" right along with the animals and even the creek. "All the birds line up to sing
Even the creeks are rippling." The colorful photos bring the children right into the story as well. Robinson even adds pages so that kids can color their own character.


It’s a great story for young children.


Bullfrog Boogie is available on


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I have recently been inspired … inspired by a great woman, my friend, Renee Robinson. She writes children’s books, as well as poetry. In reading her work, I got inspired to share my poetry, too. I write poems as they come to me, but I only share a poem here and there on facebook. In thinking about how many poems I have written, I have decided to create a collective poetry books, tentatively entitled "Unbroken Souls". I guess this is my new WIP, but I still have two other stories that are works in progress. Having just finished one "third" draft, I think it’s the perfect time to gain more perspective and collect my poetry.

Will post more when I have more to share … maybe a release date or cover reveal … who knows because I never know.

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Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, some are close by and others may be miles away. With the rise of social media and the greatness of technology, we can become "friends" in an instant. Of course, there is a difference between knowing someone and just having them as  "friend" or a "follower" on one of your social media sites. Sometimes, we meet someone that we truly like and grow to care about, even if we have not ever met them. Like most things, letter writing has gone by the way side and we now text or email, or even comment on a "status" or whatever. I can say that nowadays, without the use of sites like "Facebook", "Twitter" and "linked in", I would probably not be in contact with a lot of my friends and family as I am now.

Recently, I was very lucky to "meet" this wonderful and inspiring woman and author of poetry and children’s books. She and I have become dear friends. I have to admit that it is nice to become friends with a fellow author. I have read what she has written, children’s books and poetry and she is very good at what she does. She also has terminal Cancer. Though, she is sick and has to deal with chemo, I think her strength and inspiring words of poetry and children’s stories, have kept her alive. I am glad that she is my friend.

I want everyone who has children to pick up one of her children’s books and all adults to read her blogs and read her poetry. Click on the link to go to her blog.

Renee Robinson

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I have leaned more in the past few months about marketing strategies than I did in the years since I first wrote "Unwritten Life" in 2004. I have decided to take a new look at my old (and published) works as I continue to work on my current projects, while also doing some reviews. Hey, I figure I read a lot anyways, I might as well review what I write. I do, however, only post the reviews of the stories that I like and if I feel they deserve less than 3 stars, I will not post my review.

Anyway, that’s my rant, Getting back to my focus on "old" stories. I’m working to start promoting the ones I already have out there and I figured the best way is to start at the beginning.

"Unwritten Life" was written in December of 2004. Yes, it took me four weeks to write my first draft of the lovely story that grew into a Saga with 68 volumes. The first edition "Unwritten Life" was published by then-publisher PublishAmerica (Now, it’s America Star books) in May of 2005. After the contract on that expired, I made some minor changes (but not to the storyline) and republished the second edition of "Unwritten Life" in 2012 by Lulu. It is now available on KINDLE format as well. (And until the end of July, it’s on sale for 99 cents). In about two to three weeks, it will also be available on audiobooks, and when it is, I will be shouting out loud on that one!

"Unwritten Life" is just the beginning of the story. Not only for the main Character Alex Garrison, but also for me, since it was the first full length book I had ever written. Since that fateful day when I finished it, I have written over 83 books. But this is about Alex Garrison and the friends and family she meets on her "unwritten" path.  And just a hint (even on book 68, Alex Garrison is still alive and well, well, kind of).

Recently, I was interviewed about "Unwritten Life" and here is the link to my INTERVIEW at HEI!Books

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Great story about a mother realizing that her children are growing up. The hangers that hold a child’s clothes can’t grow with the child so the children’s clothes eventually need adult hangers. The sign of growth.


Small Hangers by Amy Fraher

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This is an amazing story of the fight against Cancer. The story is about the mighty chemo which helps the fight against the horrible and painful Cancer. Any child who suffers from Cancer or who has a sibling or friend who does will enjoy reading this in order to understand and get strength from the story.

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Definitely 5 STARS

Positively inspiring. The collection of poem were both light and dark, celebrating life as well as fighting against death and what comes after death. Robinson was able to paint colorful as well as dark images with her use of words, which showed how her emotions flowed from her body to her pen, to the paper.  Several passages caught my eye as I read her words and I could feel what she was feeling. I could see what she was seeing. I didn’t think I could pick one favorite poem until I was almost finished reading the book. The poem "Just One" stood out for me and I think it’s my favorite. Robinson writes "Hoping I will get well, Healing salts of the sea, say a prayer for me, I need just one, just one prayer, just one to save me." This is the poem that brought tears to my heart.

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After the contract on that expired, I made some minor changes (but not to the storyline) and republished the second edition of “Unwritten Life” in 2012 by Lulu. It is now available on KINDLE format as well. (And until the end of July, it’s on sale for 99 cents).

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Check out the brand new group for those in need of book reviews, promotion, informative discussions and a little bit of fun. Amy, the group leader is dedicated and ambitious.

My first post to this group is not only to introduce myself, Amy and the group but to share some of my ideas and tools that have been helpful to me.

I focus on reviews. There are a couple of things I have noticed. It is much easier to receive reviews:

1. when you are willing to give reviews.
2. when you follow, like and seek out fellow authors
3. when you are active in social media groups via posts, likes and comments


1. Make it know you are willing to give good and thorough reviews.Often you will find writers are able to wait a few weeks or so as you may have a waiting list. Also, fellow writers understand being pressed for time not only to read and review but also to write and take care of your own books which is your main priority.

2 & 3 are very similar. Don’t just join but be active in groups.Make sure you are in the appropriate group for the post you want to make. If reviews are what you seek, don’t waste your time making posts and replies in the a writer’s group which does not encourage book promotions or reviews.

Making yourself seen increases your chances of swapping books and getting reviews. The more visible you are the more your name will be remembered. If you are dedicated to giving a good review in return for one, you are building a good reputation within the group and soon will have writers who are seeking you because they know you can be trusted.

I have had the misfortune of swapping books and reviews only to find I held up my end of the deal but got stuck by the writer who received a free copy of my book but never left a return review. And when I asked for, I received no reply.

When this happens the author’s name goes on my “NO REVIEW” list for future reference. I also have no problem sharing this list with another author to keep this from happening to them. Luckily,those who follow through far outweigh those who do not.

This is another advantage of being in this group. We all get familiar with each other and become friendly and dedicated.

Later on, I will share my review list to help those who do not know of all the options we have in getting these reviews out on as broad a scale as possible.

Welcome to those who join. Have a drink on me. Cheers. 🙂

Review Time!

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This review is for: Front Row Center (Forbidden Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Cynthia Ainsworthe- This book is amazing starting from the bookcover to the very last page. The bookcover is one of the best I’ve seen. If it doesn’t tempt someone to read the contents within,nothing will. There is hot romance among a loving couple who have been together a quarter of a century. This adds a wonderful ingredient to the story. It is nice to see a couple be so loving after being together for so long. This couple is stable with all the comforts that come from a an ambitious couple who get what they want out of life. It is refreshing to get away from the “honeymoon” phase of a romance and read about the embers still burning in the desire fire. Taylor, the wife, is an enormous fan of sexy singer Larry Davis. Paul, the husband, is supportive of his wife’s adoration and takes her to a concert. He has no reason to be jealous. He and Taylor are madly in love, have more than a healthy sex-life with a strong and binding commitment, with complete faith and trust in each other. Nothing could ever come between them, or could it? During the concert, Taylor catches Larry’s eye and winds up backstage to meet him, with Paul in tow. Before they know what happens, temptation both plagues and torments Taylor and Larry. Do the give in and betray the loving and trusting Paul? I for one, do not like writing spoilers. It is up to the eye of the reader to find the answer to this question from the author’s words, not mine.


Unwritten Life, Amy Shannon

renee.robinson2 Amy Shannon- Unwritten Life Alex has been trying to forget her past. The fact is, she runs from her past. Somehow, like a supernatural entity, her past follows and haunts her. It even finds her! How can this happen? She relocated and completely changed her life. Her habits, skills, employment even her entire identity has been changed! It begins with her best friend appearing out of nowhere. He is a constant reminder of what she has tried to erase from her memories. -Who she was and what she did. This story builds up and then makes your heart drop when Alex ends up with a stalker. As the reader, you want so much for Alex to overcome her past and find true happiness. Yet she finds herself in love, in danger and in turmoil. I believe Amy Shannon can write with such chilling believability because of her own past experiences. I do not know any more than is written in her biography, this is strictly my opinion. I know from experience, an author’s best writings often come from a knowledge of what they write. I am anxious to read Amy’s entire library. She is a new author who should not be overlooked. Her words scream Attention!