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Sparrows of Hope

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I open my hand toward Heaven and ask for the sparrow of hope to softly land in my hand.

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I don’t actually remember how I first met Renee Robinson. I think it all started when some unmitigated ‘Ho wrote a cruel review about her writing, and I jumped to her defense. That sounds about like me. Anyone who could write cruelly about someone who does what Renee does with her life deserves a smack-down. Of course, I have never met her in person, but I have been corresponding with her for a while. Renee is a Terminal Cancer victim, who just received the dreaded “There is nothing else we can do” message, a message I never received myself, but feared nevertheless.

You see, Renee is the author of Captain Chemo: Out Cancer, Out! (Captain Chemo and Team Book 1). It is a poem, a poem designed to help children who are going through chemo to build courage and remain positive through the horrors of chemo. And believe me – chemo is horrendous. The pain, the vomiting, the weakness – it is all more than even adults can sometimes handle. Now, think about a small child going through the same thing – the horror of it all beyond their understanding. Renee’s book helps. Maybe not in any “this is going to make it all go away” sort of way – but it provides hope for the little ones.

Tracy Townsend with Healthsource 10 interviewed Renee on July 23. You can watch the video here:

Renee Robinson

Renee and her family have donated several of her books to Nationwide Children’s, The James and the Fairfield Medical Center.

This book is a perfect donation for the cancer centers in your area. Why not be a peach and purchase several? The children will thank you – and your heart will too.

How courageous is it, for someone like Renee who is Terminal, to care so much about children suffering from cancer and try to help them? Renee is someone I am proud to call my friend. Leiah Cooper.

What’s the deal with that hashtag thing?.

Review Time!

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This review is for: Front Row Center (Forbidden Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Cynthia Ainsworthe- This book is amazing starting from the bookcover to the very last page. The bookcover is one of the best I’ve seen. If it doesn’t tempt someone to read the contents within,nothing will. There is hot romance among a loving couple who have been together a quarter of a century. This adds a wonderful ingredient to the story. It is nice to see a couple be so loving after being together for so long. This couple is stable with all the comforts that come from a an ambitious couple who get what they want out of life. It is refreshing to get away from the “honeymoon” phase of a romance and read about the embers still burning in the desire fire. Taylor, the wife, is an enormous fan of sexy singer Larry Davis. Paul, the husband, is supportive of his wife’s adoration and takes her to a concert. He has no reason to be jealous. He and Taylor are madly in love, have more than a healthy sex-life with a strong and binding commitment, with complete faith and trust in each other. Nothing could ever come between them, or could it? During the concert, Taylor catches Larry’s eye and winds up backstage to meet him, with Paul in tow. Before they know what happens, temptation both plagues and torments Taylor and Larry. Do the give in and betray the loving and trusting Paul? I for one, do not like writing spoilers. It is up to the eye of the reader to find the answer to this question from the author’s words, not mine.


Unwritten Life, Amy Shannon

renee.robinson2 Amy Shannon- Unwritten Life Alex has been trying to forget her past. The fact is, she runs from her past. Somehow, like a supernatural entity, her past follows and haunts her. It even finds her! How can this happen? She relocated and completely changed her life. Her habits, skills, employment even her entire identity has been changed! It begins with her best friend appearing out of nowhere. He is a constant reminder of what she has tried to erase from her memories. -Who she was and what she did. This story builds up and then makes your heart drop when Alex ends up with a stalker. As the reader, you want so much for Alex to overcome her past and find true happiness. Yet she finds herself in love, in danger and in turmoil. I believe Amy Shannon can write with such chilling believability because of her own past experiences. I do not know any more than is written in her biography, this is strictly my opinion. I know from experience, an author’s best writings often come from a knowledge of what they write. I am anxious to read Amy’s entire library. She is a new author who should not be overlooked. Her words scream Attention!


This review is such a nice one,I wanted to share. Below are links to the reviewer’s Website, blog and Facebook. She has written several books and has a lovely blog.

Book Review

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Captain Chemo by Renee Robinson

Captain Chemo is a cheerful poem to bring hope to kids who are battling cancer. With a simple chant “Out, cancer, out!” the author gives kids a tool to build up their confidence and strength. She encourages children to fight and to keep a positive attitude when going through chemotherapy. The coloring pages at the end of the book, with some cute and funny characters, are a great bonus.

Author Renee Robinson is a cancer warrior herself.  What I find remarkable is that even though Ms. Robinson herself–and her family– are going through a tough time, she still has such a drive and passion for creating and helping others.

Let’s hope that this book gets to the hands of many young children who need a smile and who need someone to tell them, I understand you, keep fighting, you are going to be okay. That is the message and importance of this children’s book.



She’d originally grown to poetically explain the process of battling cancer and now she’d learned to create enchanting short stories for children – it was time to blend the two!

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She found what she sought more than a century ago.
Life is what she got. Serving her time in a handmade prison.
All four walls made with precision.
Beneath a veil of gray, one can see every detail.
Every image finely placed, fastened by the illusion of a nail.
Every nail, a reminder of the passing of time.
Every nail, a curse. Immortality is a crime.

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Sacred Ground

Nae's Nest —  May 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Where Heaven And Earth Unite

I wonder if death is better than life?

To give up sickness and pain

Sorrow and grief

Tears no longer falling like rain

I think of loved ones

Passed on before

Did they make it’?

Make it through the heavenly door

I will Watch them come in

To be on the other side

One by one

Tears would not hide

From the joy kept within

I will find a soft place

Where I may rest

In the misty shadows

Hidden from the rest

There I will lay down to meditate.

Join the higher powers to give thanks.

I will visit lands in the past and kiss the heavenly ground.

Where sacred feet once walked upon.

I would be a servant to show my love.

Brush the Lord’s hair.

Kiss the wings of the dove for there is not enough I could ever do to show my love bestowed on you.

Johann's AwakeningJohann’s Awakening by Arthur Telling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Johann’s Awakening: by Arthur Telling” ASIN: B004E3Y014 A short story.This book is cleverly written in a beautiful thought provoking classical style. Instead of “preaching” or giving a religious lecture, essay or other long boring documents, Arther Telling writes a story about a seagull who seeks to be the greatest of all seagulls. During his quests, he learns far more about himself, his religion and his God than expected. This leaves him confused and full of questions. He receives valuable spiritual knowledge through meditation, traveling the realms, and observing the ways of his flock including those who despise him.

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