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Sparrows of Hope

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I open my hand toward Heaven and ask for the sparrow of hope to softly land in my hand.

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I don’t actually remember how I first met Renee Robinson. I think it all started when some unmitigated ‘Ho wrote a cruel review about her writing, and I jumped to her defense. That sounds about like me. Anyone who could write cruelly about someone who does what Renee does with her life deserves a smack-down. Of course, I have never met her in person, but I have been corresponding with her for a while. Renee is a Terminal Cancer victim, who just received the dreaded “There is nothing else we can do” message, a message I never received myself, but feared nevertheless.

You see, Renee is the author of Captain Chemo: Out Cancer, Out! (Captain Chemo and Team Book 1). It is a poem, a poem designed to help children who are going through chemo to build courage and remain positive through the horrors of chemo. And believe me – chemo is horrendous. The pain, the vomiting, the weakness – it is all more than even adults can sometimes handle. Now, think about a small child going through the same thing – the horror of it all beyond their understanding. Renee’s book helps. Maybe not in any “this is going to make it all go away” sort of way – but it provides hope for the little ones.

Tracy Townsend with Healthsource 10 interviewed Renee on July 23. You can watch the video here:

Renee Robinson

Renee and her family have donated several of her books to Nationwide Children’s, The James and the Fairfield Medical Center.

This book is a perfect donation for the cancer centers in your area. Why not be a peach and purchase several? The children will thank you – and your heart will too.

How courageous is it, for someone like Renee who is Terminal, to care so much about children suffering from cancer and try to help them? Renee is someone I am proud to call my friend. Leiah Cooper.

What’s the deal with that hashtag thing?.

Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”.


Sounds like this might be a great read. Maybe you will think so too.

After the contract on that expired, I made some minor changes (but not to the storyline) and republished the second edition of “Unwritten Life” in 2012 by Lulu. It is now available on KINDLE format as well. (And until the end of July, it’s on sale for 99 cents).

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If someone you love has every had Alzheimer’s the link below is one you will want to read. I am the grandaughter of a feisty, sweet and loving grandmother. I remember her name. At the end, I do not think she did.  Elizabeth.  Most everyone called her Lizbeth. Daddy sometimes called her Lizzy. When she wasn’t listening, he’d say Lizard just to make me laugh.

I have retained these memories. Grandma did not. Like shaking a snowball, the snowflakes swirling around inside the globe of her mind. They are all mixed up and eventually they melt away.

The snowman shrinks slowly in the sun. Smaller and smaller. The brain empty of memories no longer needing the extra space.


Stalking you for a long time

Slowly it creeps up on you

Alzheimer’s is cruel.
Slowly it creeps upon you.
It stalks you.

You have been chosen.
You are completely unaware.
A victim.

Through the years, its grasp grows stronger.
The pieces begin to fall.
One by one.
Until the picture becomes blurred.

Aggravating in the beginning….
Where did I put my keys?

Slowly it progresses…
Did I take my pills?

Something is wrong with me. I am scared
What’s your name?

The pieces have fallen.
Too many are forever gone.
You stare at the mirror…
A single tear falls.

Inside you know what is happening.
Sometimes there are brief moments when pieces come back.
Like fog lifting up off the land, your memory is clear.

You try to grasp on.
Your hand slips.
The pieces fall.

The fog grows thick.
The memory is gone.
You stare at the mirror…

Who are you?

Renee Robinson

Page by Robert Gonzalez

Missing Pieces




This review is such a nice one,I wanted to share. Below are links to the reviewer’s Website, blog and Facebook. She has written several books and has a lovely blog.

Book Review

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Captain Chemo by Renee Robinson

Captain Chemo is a cheerful poem to bring hope to kids who are battling cancer. With a simple chant “Out, cancer, out!” the author gives kids a tool to build up their confidence and strength. She encourages children to fight and to keep a positive attitude when going through chemotherapy. The coloring pages at the end of the book, with some cute and funny characters, are a great bonus.

Author Renee Robinson is a cancer warrior herself.  What I find remarkable is that even though Ms. Robinson herself–and her family– are going through a tough time, she still has such a drive and passion for creating and helping others.

Let’s hope that this book gets to the hands of many young children who need a smile and who need someone to tell them, I understand you, keep fighting, you are going to be okay. That is the message and importance of this children’s book.



The first children’s rhyme book which reads as a Mother’s Day Card and includes a Mother’s Day coloring book in the back of the paperback and hardbacks.  What a delightful way for a child to greet Mom on Mother’s Day when she presents mom with the greeting card-book to be read outloud together while the child gives Mom a beautiful picture she chose to color and give to Mom from the book.

My Mommy An ideal Mother’s Day gift. Book doubles as greeting card and gift for both child and mom.

Mother’s Day is not long after Easter. When you buy The Bunny Tale for your Easter Baskets, check out “My Mommy”.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this clever combo. Is it a child’s story told in rhyme? Is it a greeting card for Mom? Is it a Mother’s Day coloring book? It is ALL three!

“My Mommy” tells of a mother’s love from the time of birth and as the child grows. Mom gives hugs and kisses. She sometimes puts band-aids on boo-boos and she is fun to play with.

“My Mommy” encourages mother and child to spend a little cuddle time together on Mother’s Day while Mom reads this card-book and child colors a Mother’s Day picture for her.

The third book: Celebrate Mother’s Day with this clever combo. Is it a child’s story told in rhyme? Is it a greeting card for Mom? Is it a Mother’s Day coloring book? It is ALL three!

“My Mommy” tells of a mother’s love from the time of birth and as the child grows. Mom gives hugs and kisses. She sometimes puts band-aids on boo-boos and she is fun to play with.

“My Mommy” encourages mother and child to spend a little cuddle time together on Mother’s Day while Mom reads this card-book and child colors a Mother’s Day picture for her.

My Mommy

My Mommy


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The Bunny Tale

Word of The Day

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I receive vocab emails on a daily basis. Exercising your vocab feeds the mind.


wraith \RAYTH\ (noun) – 1 : An apparition of a living person seen before death; hence, an apparition; a specter; a ghost. 2 : A shadowy or insubstantial form, appearance, or representation of something.

“I could almost believe that it was the wraith of Hendrika doomed to keep an eternal watch over the bones of the woman her jealous rage had done to death.” — H. Rider Haggard, ‘All Adventure: Allan’s Wife/Marie’

Wraith is from Scottish warth, probably originally “a guardian angel, hence a person’s ghost seen — as a warning or means of protection — immediately before death, hence any apparition,” from Old Norse vörthr, “watcher, guardian.”

Bookcover Contest

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Bookcover Contest

Here is The Bunny Tale in a temporary bookcover. Remember the Bookcover Contest does not end until 3/2/14. You have time to look over the covers and pickout your favorite. The cover with the most votes w)ill replace the temporary cover (unless it wins!). To see more on contest details and The Bunny Tale –

Is this the one you would pick?

Is this the one you would pick?