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Sparrows of Hope

Nae's Nest —  August 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

I open my hand toward Heaven and ask for the sparrow of hope to softly land in my hand.

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Cats develop bonds with each other in ways that we simply cannot comprehend.

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I do not want to lose my hope.

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Best Books of the Month for Children
Looking for recommendations in children's books? Browse our editors' picks for the Best Books of the Month for kids of all ages


Whoopee! Right Away, Orimae! is Amazon’s Best Book of The Month in Children’s Books. (applause) (Thank you, thank you very much).

I have 2 books on Amazon’s Top 100 children’s books. 1. Right Away, Orimae! (for 2 months straight) and 2. My Mommy. (also for the past 2 month straight.)

Book 1: Right Away, Orimae! Holiday Series-St. Patrick’s Day.  One morning Farmer went to milk Orimae the cow, but her milk ran dry. The babies are hungry and crying.Farmer is mad..Orimae needs good luck, but where will she get it? Sadly, she seeks her friend, Arbuckle Owl.

Book 2: My Mommy   It isn’t too late to get “My Mommy” Holiday Series Mother’s Day edition.

It reads like a greeting card, both in length and style. It includes a character coloring chapter. This enables the child to color a Mother’s Day “gift” for Mom in addition to the “card/book” they will share together. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the young child (up to 8) to enjoy.

My Mommy

My Mommy

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This is one of my favorite authors. Take a look at her new release below which is available free right now. Don’t miss your chance to read a great book by a great author while free and don’t forget to leave a review with Amazon to let her know how you like it.

Doomseeds Has Arrived!

The exciting second novel in the Botanicaust Series is now available!

DoomseedsHow could a rescue mission go so wrong?

When Jubal, a friendly trader, arrives at the Holdout with news of Eily’s lost twin sister, Eily doesn’t hesitate to head into the cannibal wasteland to save her. But the government insists she carry a tracking device she knows will be the end of the people she once called family.

Jubal has always avoided two things: slave trading and the green-skinned Flame Runnas. But now a cannibal king is holding his father prisoner until he brings back a Flame Runna slave. Beautiful, green-skinned Eily makes the task easy, volunteering to come along. Easy until Jubal falls in love…

With a father’s life at stake on one side and a sister’s on the other, someone is going to have to lose. And the loser might just be humanity.

Sacred Ground

Nae's Nest —  May 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Where Heaven And Earth Unite

I wonder if death is better than life?

To give up sickness and pain

Sorrow and grief

Tears no longer falling like rain

I think of loved ones

Passed on before

Did they make it’?

Make it through the heavenly door

I will Watch them come in

To be on the other side

One by one

Tears would not hide

From the joy kept within

I will find a soft place

Where I may rest

In the misty shadows

Hidden from the rest

There I will lay down to meditate.

Join the higher powers to give thanks.

I will visit lands in the past and kiss the heavenly ground.

Where sacred feet once walked upon.

I would be a servant to show my love.

Brush the Lord’s hair.

Kiss the wings of the dove for there is not enough I could ever do to show my love bestowed on you.

Johann's AwakeningJohann’s Awakening by Arthur Telling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Johann’s Awakening: by Arthur Telling” ASIN: B004E3Y014 A short story.This book is cleverly written in a beautiful thought provoking classical style. Instead of “preaching” or giving a religious lecture, essay or other long boring documents, Arther Telling writes a story about a seagull who seeks to be the greatest of all seagulls. During his quests, he learns far more about himself, his religion and his God than expected. This leaves him confused and full of questions. He receives valuable spiritual knowledge through meditation, traveling the realms, and observing the ways of his flock including those who despise him.

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Earth’s Tears

Freely they flow

As quietly she gazes around the hollow.

Once filled with trees and the lovely bird’s song.

Overlooked by blue skies and midnight stars that glowed.

Gone is the stream with clear cold water

Where children would wade as summer grows hotter.

The wolf lost her pups when crossing the road.

Her den destroyed, it was bulldozed.

She must move on with nowhere to go.

The city has swallowed the lush hollow.

Once filled with trees and the lovely bird’s song.

Now filled with horns and cars that don’t belong.

She looks to the sky. She wonders where she’ll go.

She prays to the Spirit as her tears flow.

Renee Robinson

One of the author’s most exciting accomplishments is her new Children Book Series. Each child is welcome to meet adorable animal characters as they learn about each holiday as experienced for the first time. Bonus chapters are added in each book allowing the child extra interaction through coloring.

The first book of the holiday series is called: Right Away, Orimae! which depicts farm animals who are searching for luck on St. Patrick’s Day in order to help Orimae, the milk cow who ran out of milk. 

The second book of the holiday series: The Bunny Tale is an adorable Easter story about the Easter Bunny and his secret helper. See what happens when the he is forced to stray off the bunny trail and ends up finding a wolf who is hungry and hunting for dinner.

Here is the link for more information and to purchase at Creat Space-The Bunny Tale


Keep your eyes out for the next Holiday Book in the to launch. Your child will be thrilled to collect the complete series

I am excited to let everyone know about my new children’s book Holiday Series. The first in the series is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and is called:

Right Away, Orimae!Orimae is a milking cow. One morning Farmer went to milk her but her milk had dried up. The babies are hungry and unhappy. The farmer is mad. Orimae didn’t know what to do so she decides to ask her friend Arbuckle Owl. 

“All you need is a little bit ‘o luck. Today is St. Patrick’s Day, there must be some luck around here somewhere” replies Arbuckle. They gather up some friends and the search begins. 

The story is creatively told in Dr. Seuss style rhyming lyrics. All print copies include coloring pages of the delightful characters. This is a quick, funny and adorable book perfect for the beginning reader.

Right Away, Orimae is due to be launched at Create Space, B&N, Kobo, Apple and Amazon tomorrow. A post with links will be provided. Additional links will be posted as the book is placed in other stores.