The 1-in-100 Warrior Award

tThank you so much Celeste

The 1-in-100 Warrior Award

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ~Heraclitus

Courage. Honesty. Fearlessness. Grace. Peace. Service to others. No complaints. Nothing thought of as a blessing or a curse; everything simply accepted as another challenge to be conquered.

They’re not perfect, and don’t try to be, because they know such aspirations are futile. But they do the absolute best they can with what they’ve been given. Warriors no longer have potential. They are potent! They understand that knowledge is knowing, but wisdom is doing. And they are a very rare breed: as Heraclitus once said, only one out of every one hundred is a true warrior. This award is named in honor of those words and that truth. The symbol of the sword is used to represent their courage and strength, and the symbol of the feather quill penrepresents their grace, beauty and creativity.

Guidelines for the 1-in-100 Warrior Award: Warriors are not motivated by awards or fame. They see awards not as an opportunity for the ego to rejoice, but rather an opportunity to honor other warrior brothers and sisters. To acknowledge and honor the rarity of the warrior, it is recommended that the recipient passes this award on to only *one* other blogger that they feel goes above and beyond to serve and inspire others, and who maintains their grace and positivity even in the face of difficult challenges, such as health issues, tragedy, injustice or loss.

Once an author is given the award, they may continue nominating one new blog author once a week, month, year… or whatever seems appropriate. It’s like a knight’s ability to bestowknighthood onto another whenever they choose. But only one at a time. The patience of a warrior is required. 

*** And now I would like to nominate Nae’s Nest to receive this noble award. Nae is a wonderful woman with a big heart and kind soul. Nae also battles with cancer and has had numerous surgeries to try and rid her body of the infection. Although she deals with the pain and fear of her ailment, she faces it with courage, determination, strength, love and grace. She is so sweet spirited you would never know she suffers so. Her blog is full of defying unbelievable odds, inspirations, and words from her soul in her darkest hours. I have been following her from the first week I started my blog and have been immensely blessed by her warrior spirit, her will to live, and her beautiful writings and posts. More than once I have shed a tear as her words and updates have pulled on my heart.  I am so glad to have met her in this blogging universe, and I encourage you to give her a visit if you have never met her. I can assure you, you will leave with more than you entered with. 

Congratulations Nae, you so deserve this beautiful award. And as I have passed the torch to you, you may do the honor of passing it to another.

Peace and love be with you and keep you…..

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