Why Nae’s Nest?

First and formost, I hope to connect with others who have traveled down this path.  I hope to provide support, information, humor, and strength.  These ingredients are essential as we walk this road.

Ironically, cancer has provided me with the time needed to pursue my next goal of being published.  I have always been a writer.  I have had columns in newspapers and short stories published in magazines.  However, my dream is to have a book published.

I have decided to combine both of my desires.  Thus “Nae’s Nest” was born.  I share my personal story with you all in hope it touches and helps, as you or a loved one, are forced to walk this path with me.

4 responses to Why Nae’s Nest?


    Great job sharing your story which is so important for others. I too would like to get published and tell my story. The story of my family’s journey through the school system and having three boys with learning disabilities. Thanks for finding me and I hope we can both read each other’s books one day. 🙂


    Colon Cancer can be cured with a vegan diet. Read The China Study and Dean Ornis’ book The Spectrum. We have more control than we think. http://georgefebish.wordpress.com


      Are you familiar with Apricot seeds or pit? I have been taking several of those a day. I can’t remember the name of an author, Dave something..perhaps? (the chemo has also impaired my cognitive thinking and short term memory). I am pretty certain I saved some info on him because I want to get his book. His book is an approach to both prevent and cure various cancers naturally through your diet. Apricot kernels are supposed to be very high in vitamin B, ( I can’t recall which vitamin B). It is the vitamin B that gets depleted or destroyed during chemo, I think…I am trying to do this from memory, since I could not find my notes. Please forgive my lack of information, I simply can no longer rely on my memory. I have been reading the info on your sight. I would like to repost some of your articles, if you don’t mind. I many very interesting and informative.


    Thank you for sharing your journey with such wit and sensitivity. Sending you lots of good energy, Michael.

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