Pouring Down Angels

Nae's Nest —  October 3, 2013 — 4 Comments

Pouring down miracles with each rain

Miracles all around us, yet we complain

It is in the eyes of a baby with his first giggle

It is in an unseeing touch, yet deeply felt

Letting you know His presence is near.

Need only to hear with the heart

The words will reign clear

Don’t hide under an umbrella all of your life

Let the rain gently fall on your face

Cleansing the skin, scrub away fear

Feel the dampness and the chill in the air

Even this is good for life. For the atmosphere

Soon the sun will shine and new flowers will bloom.

Fresh water abound with honeysuckle perfume

Miracles come every day.  In all shapes, sizes and disguises

I must pan through the rain and sort out the drops.

There must be one to make the pain stop.

Another to heal me, and my family be blessed

That we may all lose this burden and finally have rest

Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

4 responses to Pouring Down Angels


    Lovely…today we celebrated the feast of “All Angels” at church.

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