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Once again we’re taking a week to answer questions sent in by students all around the world. Any question is welcome from any student. Today we’re going to explore the question of whether Stanley Kubrick made The Shining as a confession that he was behind the alleged moon landing hoax; whether acupressure wristbands are a way to cure nausea or just a placebo; whether you should use hydrogen peroxide as a bactericide on minor wounds; the songGloomy Sunday and if it has indeed been connected with an increased number of suicides; the true nature of whatever danger can be expected from common laser pointers; and whether we need to worry about hoards of human-animal hybrids swarming down from the mount ains. Let’s get started at a creepy old lodge hidden away up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado: by Brian Dunning
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Naked mole rats have a secret defense against cancer.

Naked Mole Rat

East Africa is home to a strange little beastie called the Naked Mole Rat (Heterocephalus glaber). About the size of a mouse, it lives underground and is almost completely hairless. It is also otherwise unusual in more than one way.

First, its skin has no sensation of pain, allowing it to burrow more aggressively than other underground dwellers. (It also prevents itching, which would be nice.) But, perhaps most intriguingly, it is immune to cancer.

Why? Animal cells are wrapped up in what we call the extracellular matrix, the main structure of the membrane that holds the cell together and also regulates intracellular communication. In the naked mole rat, this matrix contains a polysaccharide called high-molecular mass hyaluronan, or HMM-HA. For reasons not completely understood, one of the perks of HMM-HA is that it prevents cancer cells from spreading. Its role as the intracellular gatekeeper puts it in a unique position to do this.

Could this be adapted to humans? Probably not, but further study may yield useful preventive measures.

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Contributed by Brian Dunning.




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