Emotional Gate

Nae's Nest —  June 25, 2013 — 2 Comments

What is your Emotional Starting Gate

 By Vedam Clementi      ttp://www.facebook.com/vedam.clementi   We are all products of our conditionings. Until you begin to live a life that is based upon Universal Awareness, you could even say that you are a puppet on a string, and your conditionings are the puppet master. Your conditionings have built your belief systems, and your conditionings have led you to your ‘Emotional Starting Gate.’ Your conditionings act as a filter through which you view life, perceive life, judge life, and how you react to life. Your conditionings, your belief systems, and your emotional starting gate pull your strings, setting the stage to react a certain way; therefore, robbing you of the gift of free will, and your opportunity to respond to life. Now, just for a moment, be truly honest with yourself. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you a cynic, a doubter; do you automatically go to the place that defends your limitations, or explains why this or that will not or cannot work? Do you trust people, the process, and the journey? Do you trust yourself? When I have asked my life coaching clients these questions, most of them say they are optimists, and they do trust the process and the journey; however, the deeper we go, we uncover an emotional starting gate that is based upon doom and gloom. It may not be in every area of their lives. Sometimes it is only in certain areas of their lives, and other times, we uncover a prophet of doom, a real doubting Thomas. So, who and what is this phantom behind the curtain, who is the puppet master? What exactly is your Emotional Starting Gate (ESG), and how does it affect your life? We are no different from Pavlov’s dogs. We have been conditioned to be a certain way; we have been conditioned to perceive, react and respond to life. Each of us has been conditioned to have a particular starting point, or place that the mind goes to first that begins to set the stage for how your react or respond. Everyone has multiple ESG’s; you have at least ten, and often, more than that depending upon your mood or outlook at any given day. You have an ESG relating to your family, your work, your money, your sex life, and being intimate. You have an ESG regarding your leisure and play time, your mental and physical abilities and capabilities, and your spiritual connection and life. You have an ESG relating to trusting yourself and others, and you have an ESG regarding all the other different facets of life: Is your ESG telling you that life is easy or difficult? Does it tell you that you have to work hard to achieve your goals? Are you automatically cautious? Is there a force that is guiding you, or testing you? Is there a force that is judging you and your actions? Are you fearful, and if so, in what areas of your life are you experiencing fear? Your ESG is the set point that your conditioned, thinking mind goes to automatically when an event happens in your life. Right, wrong or indifferent, your mind goes there first. Your ESG sets the stage; it is the puppet master! This is no way to live. Living a preset or predetermined life because of your ESG takes away your birthright as a free willed being; it robs you of seeing all that life has to offer. ESG also set the stage for a life of self-fulfilling prophesies. It not only dictates the future as it unfolds, it reinforces your existing belief systems. Again, this is no way to live! The key is first knowing, understanding, and accepting your ESG’s, and from there, you can begin to respond differently to life. Awareness and honesty are the keys that will begin to liberate you; they can and will open new doors and new opportunities! Until you are honest with yourself, and you choose to be different from your training, you are allowing your conditionings to write your viewpoints, outlook, perspectives, and your future. Become aware of your Emotional Starting Gate, and if it answers the call of the moment, embody it; however, if it does not support you, then begin to change it immediately. You get to choose! Vedam Clementi is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Author, and Lecturer. A full recovery from paralysis using spiritual concepts, meditation, and natural healthcare led to Vedam’s spiritual awakening and desire to share what he has learned. Vedam has taught fellow souls for over a decade to leave the past behind, plant seeds for their desired tomorrow, and to be present in each moment as they move through life. Vedam has a unique way of uniting psychological and spiritual tools that support the individual to relate to themselves, others, and life in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically. 

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I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

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    I was lured in by the stunningly vivid photo, Nae. Your site looks so beautiful these days. I don’t often visit, but wish you well nevertheless.

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