Adam Dougherty “Kreature Kid”

Nae's Nest —  April 17, 2013 — 2 Comments

I look at this guy and I think….”hmmm, I’ve often felt the way he looks”


Posted by proxy from Dana’s “stuff to blog” queue while she is on medical hiatus. She reads and appreciates all comments…and apologizes for not being able to respond at the moment.

Dana found us one that I find especially fun today. This young artist debuted this particular display at Monsterpalooza, a Hollywood SFX and Monster expo, this past weekend. His VooDoo Witch Doctor is a fun tip of the pith helmet to Disney and the adventure serials of the 1930’s. And check out that 7 foot tall Shock Monster and Frankenstein Monster he did as well. I want this in my Tiki room!






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**Please, dear readers, muster and bestow any means of support and healing to Dana. THANK YOU! The Proxy Blogger*

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I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

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