Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

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Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

To live moment by moment moment by moment experience creates the space for insight and healing. Being present quiets the mind and assists you to be more patient and calm.

Being mindful is an open way to be conscious and aware of your inner self. This inner focus requires that you slow down long enough to simply notice. It is the ability to be the non-judgmental observer of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations.

It involves a non-attachment to particular outcomes. It involves stepping back from habitual patterns and letting go of trying to make something happen. It’s about letting go and letting be.

Being centered brings you into balance and stillness. A centering practice is included below.

If you want to experience the joyous ecstasy that life has to offer, there is one commitment that is absolutely fundamental: the commitment to live in the moment. With that commitment as your guiding focus, whatever you do in your daily life is part of your transformational process. Your commitment to living in the moment becomes your vehicle for spiritual growth.
~Amrit Desai, from the book Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

Practices are just what the word suggests – a dictionary definition is “repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency”.

This is not about being perfect – it’s about noticing what is and being curious about self-discovery and open to insight. Practice requires having an experimental attitude. As you slow down, become present, your ability to connect with your inner spiritual guidance will increase.

Centering Practice

This centering practice combines being present, being mindful and being centered.

Centering is a way of being in your body and a way to become more present, calm, self-aware and stable. It will help you to find stillness within yourself and to connect with your body, mind and spirit as a whole person.

  • Begin by standing in a comfortable posture, feet hip-width apart and arms down at your sides. Begin to notice your breath without trying to change anything; just notice as your breath automatically inhales and exhales.
  • On your next exhalation allow your exhale to become slightly longer, without trying to force anything to happen. As you increase your exhale you will notice that a relaxation begins to happen.
  • Begin to rock back and forth on your feet until you come to a place of balance; your weight being evenly distributed on both feet.
  • Begin to notice the vertical: Feel the gravitational pull of Mother Earth – at the same time imagine an equal pull out the top of your head up to Father Sky. Notice what happens to your posture. You will likely experience a straightening of your spine. Continue to notice your breath.
  • Begin to notice the horizontal: Become aware of your right side and your left side. Imagine that there is an equal energy on both sides of your body. Find the place of balance where both sides feel equal. Be with your breath.
  • Begin to notice depth: Now become aware of the front and back of your body. Imagine that your energy is balanced between leading forward and learning backward. Find your center point; the place where you are centered.
  • Become aware of your jaw and shoulders; allow them to relax even more.
  • From this place of center and stillness, choose a word or a phrase that you would like to invite into your center. It could be words like joy, inner peace, abundance, clarity, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, contribution, aliveness, creativity, wisdom.
  • Embrace your word or phrase; breathe it in; embody it in your center.

As you experience these practices, I invite you to journal about them:

  • What did you notice?
  • How was this experience for you?
  • What did you awaken within yourself?

Consider making this a daily practice for one week and notice the impact.
The second skill will be sent to you in two days. It is the ability to be a good internal listener. Watch for it in your inbox.


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