Shadow Talk

Nae's Nest —  February 3, 2013 — 4 Comments
His reach is long and far
Once his rage is exposed
His lips pull back, revealing fangs
His hands curl into talons
In the shadows he lurks on distant planes
Always on the alert and ready to strike
If only I had known, I would have stayed out of his sight
I would have listened to the shadows talk
I would have known to stay in the light
I should have never taken that walk
I put myself within his reach
Unable to resist, he picked me like a fresh peach
Pulling me deep into the shadows
The point of no return
The place where sin is created
The place where man will burn
Chained with unseen links, heavy with my guilt
My tears singe my cheeks
My hopes and my dreams begin to wilt
Had I only listened to myself, that feeling within my gut
I would have never befriended him
I would have slammed the door shut
For once he had me fooled
The rest was easy
Pulling me into a place, dark and sleazy
The shadows tried to warn me
I could hear them chatter in the wind
If only I had listened
God! What a mess I am in!
He spoke words of love
He said I was beautiful
I believed his lies, I was such a fool
His fist large and strong
Comes down like a hammer
Leaving me dazed and confused
All I could do was stammer
Pulling me by the hair
My head beating the ground
He turned and with his boot
He kicked hard, I could not make a sound
All my air knocked out
Helpless in his grasp
My next memory is here
When I awoke with a gasp
To find myself in hell
No way to get out
Deep inside the shadow
No one can hear if I shout
The beast is always near
He has his way with me
Raped of body, raped of soul
Until finally there is nothing left o me
The serpent swallowed me whole
Consumed by fire of the shadow
Crawling in the belly of sin
If only my instinct I had followed
My life would not be coming to an end
If only I listened to the shadows talk
Had I gone another way
I could have been enveloped in love
I could have lived to see, another day
Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

4 responses to Shadow Talk


    Another stunning poem. 🙂


    Wow! I enjoyed reading your poem.
    That’s a very interesting angel…or should I say…one hot looking angel.
    Alluring and extremely dangerous all at once, I see.
    The English word “sin” came from the Greek word ἁμαρτία” (hamartia)–an archer’s term literally meaning “to miss the mark.”
    Once I realized the danger, I would either adjust my position (try a different approach)….OR….I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction and never look back. There is absolutely no reason to continue to miss the mark.
    I have finally learned, the hard way, to listen to my own intuition (the shadows talk).


      ahhh, I am glad you agree. I do strong believe in intuition as well. It is our primal instinct. I think the world would be a better place if intuition was generally practiced worldwide.

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