Rabbit Season(ing)

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There was a time, not so long ago,

when animals ruled, they ran the Meadow.

Two such creatures,still live on today.

Their story still told, to this very day.

The two were writers, who met one day.

Having much in common, they decided to play.

All was good,

All was fine,

Until one day,they came to a sign.

The sign directed, them to a place

Called the Meadows. A beautiful space.

It was here they found, remarkable groups.

They were invited, to join the loop.

Below is the fable, it is a bit long.

Just have a seat and some coffee,


FoxTail and DumBunny are both active in clubs and love to write. They both also wanted to lead some writing clubs and even offered to help their leader, HappyWolf. On the surface, it seemed Foxy and Bunny had much in common. They were all becoming a happy family…or so they thought….

One day, DumBunny hopped into a group that FoxTail “owned”.  The group “I love frogs” was very interesting to DumBunny, as she loved frogs too…wow, yet another thing these 2 new friends have in common. Dumbunny decided to submit an article “10 Great Frog Recipes” to the Frog club.  Foxy’s group “I love Frogs”, was Bunny’s favorite. Fat and juicy pictures of frogs were posted everywhere. Plumb and ready to butcher-Bunny salivated just thinking about those frogs.

What a big mistake Bunny made. Foxy was furious. Foxy loved frogs as pets, or lovers maybe.  Foxy thought frog legs sexy, Dumbunny thought they were yummy.Foxy says those pics are of hunky,naked man frogs who are showing off their muscle.  Nothing DumBunny said or did made Foxy happy. How dumb Foxy thought Bunny could be.  How Bunny regretted her own stupidity.  How she wished she never wrote that stupid article.

Foxy began tormenting Bunny. Gossip started to fly. Some of the animals even left the Meadows because of the childish behavior.  By now, Bunny was very sorry for that damned article and wished she never posted it.  Things got so bad, that HappyWolf could no longer ignore it. He had to do something. He wasn’t sure what. Bunny promised to never step her unlucky foot into any of Foxy’s groups ever again.. She said she would never-ever post anything in Foxy’s groups.  She swore to be a good little bunny.

HappyWolf couldn’t help but find bunny attractive with juicy breasts and tasty tenderloin. On the other hand, Foxy was youthful, smart, beautiful, talented…and what a nice tail she had. Fortunately for HappyWolf, Foxy accepted Bunny’s offer.  This made HappyWolf happy again.

And so things seemed to be good once more. The cute furry girls ignored each other. Bunny believed the gossip and discomfort had disappeared.  She continued to write her little tail off.  HappyWolf put it back on her a few times. Since the agreement, Foxy was not around as much. All seemed to be going very well indeed.  HappyWolf would even whistle and chat at the same time.  Then one day HappyWolf left to find some lost sheep….

Wolf barely had time to lick his lambchops when trouble began to brew.  Bunny was writing as usual, when she discovered nearly all of her writings were gone. She had worked hours even neglecting her own blog to lend a helping hand.  She expected nothing in return, she truly loved Meadows…and she thought she may have a “crush” on Wolf.  She wasn’t certain how he felt. She knew he would linger a little too long when adjusting her tail. But she had also saw him stroke Foxy’s tail a few times…so Bunny kept her feelings to herself.

When Bunny saw that her writings missing, she was stunned. She found it was only her writings which were gone and only a small number of animals had the ability to edit another’s writings. As a group leader,  Foxy was one of them. So were Bunny, 2 other highly respectable women and, of course, HappyWolf.

It was noted that several writings had disappeared on the same dates that Foxy decided to be “active”  again…a rare occurrence these days.  There were a few dates within the time range Wolf was gone in which Bunny noted for a fact, that Foxy’s log-in dates coincided with days she noticed her writings came up missing.

Foxy was too smart to do such a thing while Wolf was in the Meadow. But she was more than happy to skin Bunny just as soon as he was gone.  Foxy knew it might look suspicious if she deleted everything within the same day.

For fear that Bunny would not be saved from the Fox, Bunny began keeping a journal. She noted anything she thought might be important. Bunny was so hurt and alone.  Wolf was gone and she was hanging in the jaws of a Fox….no one to help,,,,and she feared…no one to save her.

So…Bunny thought about leaving the Meadow. But surely, Wolf will not tolerate one member bullying another to the extreme of deleting property (writings) which now belonged to the Meadow? This is not just a personal verbal attack on another member.  This is a violation, a threat of sorts. It shows no concern for the Meadows or it occupants. If she succeeds in devouring the Bunny, who will be next? The Meadow?  Generally, a Fox and Wolf do not get along very well. If she gets angry with the Wolf, what would she do? Even if she is no longer permitted to lead any groups and no longer able to delete another’s work…will she find other clever ways to hurt the Meadow? Will she go into the Forest and tell the Vulture bad things?  Will they conspire to badmouth the Meadow and its leader to the other animals in the Meadow?

Is the DumBunny the only one who can see the risk? Is the value of DumBunny low? Undependable? Is the value of the Fox greater? Is Foxy better in someway? Does the Wolf have feelings for the Fox. Maybe they, together would enjoy Rabbit for dinner…Bunny notices a new post….”10 Great Bunny Recipes”….her eyes filled with tears and clouded the article.

Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

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    Well this seems ever so familiar on the forums I admin on…

    What a great way to put it.

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