Crying Cat

Nae's Nest —  December 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

My little Taboo has recently started crying.  I am still investigating the reason she could be doing this.  However, she does quality as the cat mentioned below….May God Help Me….This story from:

Excessive crying

There are many reasons why cats cry excessively. A healthy cat may cry a lot because of loneliness and boredom. An older cat will cry excessively because of illness or disorientation. A spoiled cat will cry incessantly because she is constantly rewarded, usually with food, everytime she cries.

If your cat is crying excessively, the very first thing to do is have her checked by a veterinarian for any possible illness or injury.

The older cat, losing her hearing, sight, or sense of smell, will sometimes become disoriented and cry. She may not be able to find her fooddish or her bed. Place her food and water dish close to her bed and place the litterbox in and easily followed path from her bed. Keep her bed close to yours at nighttime so that you can occasionally reassure her.

Your cat will cry if there is a loss of a human loved one or loss of a companion pet, be it another cat or a dog. Be patient and give her time. You may want to consider getting her another playmate.

Some cats will cry excessively if you have been around a great deal and now are frequently absent. It is better to condition your cat gradually to an ever increasing amount of separation time. Also, getting a companion cat will help.

Cats in heat will cry excessively! Neutering your cat will take care of her vocalizations.

Your cat may cry because she is isolated from you at night. Give in and let her sleep with you! If you do not want her on the bed, place her bed alongside yours and consistently put her into it if she jumps on yours. She will learn in time. When she does go to her own bed, be sure to reinforce this good behavior with lots of praise and a terrific food tidbit.

Some cats exhibit more nocturnal behavior than others. If your cat cries at night wanting you to play, try giving her more exercise during the early evening hours so that she will sleep at night. If you get up to play with her, you will inadvertently reinforce the continuation of this behavior. Tough it out, give her lots of early evening exercise, and disregard her nighttime requests!

If your cat is old and cries because she wants to get warm, place her bedding over the top of a heating pad.

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