Great Oak

Nae's Nest —  November 17, 2012 — Leave a comment
 My favorite place in the meadow 
Lush with green moss today
A carpet of violets, freshly installed 
With a pattern of bluebells on display
As I sit under the Old Wise Tree
I decide to talk to him
I wanted to know the secret of life;
Why are we here?
For what purpose?
What is our calling?
Who are we pleasing?
A flock of birds landed in his branches
Curiously they looked at me
Probably thinking I am crazy
Sitting here talking to a tree
I looked over at the bluebells
Something I can’t explain
But it seemed they were watching me
They too, think I am insane
I would have thought it funny but
I needed to get things off my chest
My heart was too heavy
I couldn’t let it rest
So I continued talking to the tree
Telling him all about me
All of my little secrets
I shared with no one else
All the plans I’ve had
On hold, placed on a mental shelf
For you see Old Tree,
I said with a tear
I am fighting for my life
I can’t lose!
I cried in despair
Why do we have disease?
Why do we have cancer?
If something gave us life
Why take it away?
What is the answer!
It seemed the tree was shaking
For he was dropping some leaves
And I watched his branches
As they were trying to hug me
Normally, I would have been scared
Instead, I felt a little comfort
As if the Old Oak cared
I looked at the birds
And told them
I really am going crazy
Looking down
They seemed to frown
Stretching their wings
Feeling lazy
It was then I relaxed
And snuggled up against the tree
I slept for the first time
Escaping my misery
Stirring me from my sleep
I opened up one eye
Startled I found that the tree
Somehow pulled me toward the sky
For I was among his branches
High up in the tree
His limbs were supportive
Trying to protect me
The tree started to talk
“You asked the meaning of life”
“Why is it that you are here”
 “Because Life is a gift”
“Given to you by God”
“Whose spirit lives in here”
Pointing to his own heart
But how can that be
He could have no heart
He was only a tree!
Looking up, I could see his face
And a tear streaming from his eye
“We all have a gift”, he said
“It is up to you to find”
“You were put here with love”
“Also created with it”
“We each choose how to live”
“Life is the greatest gift”
“Sickness and death is part of the cycle”
“The wheel spins not knowing when it will stop”
“Round and round it goes according to the clock”
“Where she stops no one will know”
“Will life end?  Or will life go?”
” It will keep you on your toes”
“One never knows when it will end”
“It’s all according to how it spins”
“The clock ticks, it ticks for you”
“All has a beginning and an end”
“You may be one of the few”
“Who dies before life is spent”
“Someplace else you may be needed”
“Life does not end in vain”
“There is a land picked out for you”
“Another place, another time”
“The wheel may be stopping here”
“But someplace else, it begins to spin”
I stretched and I yawned 
As my dream ends
For this is what it was
Though I looked at the tree
With suspicion in my eyes
The Great Old stood proud and still
Whether or not this was a dream
I much prefer to think it real
Now this place, I claim 
Sneaking over regularly
To visit with the tree and the birds
While the Great Oak talks to me
 Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

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