Dancing With Cancer 11/2/12

Nae's Nest —  November 2, 2012 — 16 Comments

Hello All & Diary

I have one more chemo treatment, then I have a 3 week break. At that time, I go for a PT Scan which will tell us whether the cancer is gone, spread or whatever.

The last couple of tests (different ones) have shown the cancer getting smaller. So there is a possibility that is shrinking. We haven’t actually seen pics of it yet.

Anyway, basically I will have to wait and see what the pt scan says before we know what is next for me–surgery, more chemo, or who knows what. I only know I do look forward to a break from the chemo.

The chemo is getting more and more difficult for me, leaving me weaker and so sick. I often wish for an end, even if it means my life to end. Well, I do not want to whine about myself. I am asking you all to keep me in your prayers, send healing thoughts. I will take all I can get.

I am happy and grateful to have so many supporting me.  You all are dear to my heart.

Love and blessings to you all


Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

16 responses to Dancing With Cancer 11/2/12


    i hope u recover soon


    Sending prayers and good vibes your way, Renee. I hope for the best result with the PT scan.


    Renee, keep visualizing blasts of healing energy moving through that part of your body. Golden White light in and visualize the cancer leaving as butterflies or whatever you prefer. We’re taught not to fight it, but to thank it for what it has taught us and guide it away. I send friends golden blankets of healing energy to wrap themselves when there is no more energy or desire to even visualize. Let the blanket of Love go to work. XO!


    I know chemo is hard going but please hang in there. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers for good news. Tracy


      Thank you. Some days are harder than others. At times, I grow weak and feel I’ll break. So, I turn to you. Those who read my musings. It helps me so much, knowing you are all out there supporting me. xxo


    Reblogged this on INTO THE BARDO and commented:
    My young friend Nae’s life is dark with cancer and chemo but, as you can tell from the colors and poems on her blog, she has a radiant spirit. These days are difficult for her and today she asks for our prayers and metta. Please take a few minutes from your day to visit her blog with a few words of support and some time for prayers (or whatever is your spiritual practice) on her behalf. Thank you. Jamie Dedes


    Dearest Nae, I hold you in prayer and heart. Many blessings for peace, health, and healing.



    As Jan Karon’s character Father Tim would say “Consider it Done!” God’s blessings upon you!


    Oh Renee, you are such a strong person… God Bless you for all you have been through. I am praying that your tests show positive results… Hang in there my friend.

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