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The sun glowed brightly

A welcome sight it was

When suddenly a gust came to pass

I was swept up and encompassed

At first I was in great fear

Until I heard the chimes

The chimes of the wind

Gently they beckoned me in

The voice of the Wind

Eager to chat

Tales of great storms

And of sinking ships

He has seen much death

Not a glamorous job

I continue to whirl

Around with the wind

He gave me a lesson

The history of men

Telling me about wormholes

How captivating they are

Similar to a rollercoaster


Made by Nature

He offered to lift me in

With one gust of wind

I was scared

But also eager to go in

Just as I was about to decide

I heard the Man in the Moon

He said I should not be fooled

No one likes the wormhole

Except for the wind

He enjoys watching

As people get sucked in

So happy and excited

To enjoy such a great ride

The problem is

He never told them

What happens

Once inside

For you see

It is a one-way ticket

Destination unknown

One never knows

Where the worm

Will let you go

It may be heavenly

You may never want to return

You could end up on Earth

But there is one major concern

You could end up

In a very dark place

It is the place of death

The next world

The crossover

It is known by many names

You may not like it

It may give you quite a scare

You may spend eternity

In utter despair

Of course, there is a small chance

You may be very comfortable

If you find the key holder

She is the controller

She is fierce, but loving

She is strict, but wise

She will let no harm come to you

You have her in your mind’s eye

She will treat you like a daughter

She is known as the Mother

Always taking weary souls in

Look for her at the Crossroads

Should you go on this trip

She will welcome you in

Should you end up in this world

Listens for her dogs

They will let out a yelp

Listens for her horses too

You may hear them gallop

The will be pulling her chariot

They will stop at the Crossroads

She stops there routinely

Looking for misplaced souls

She will welcome them in

The door remains closed

You may see the Grim Reaper

Be not afraid

He will not harm you

As you came in the back way

I pondered what I was told

Knowing what I would do

Wondering if I should


To curious not to

Wind, yes. Please take me

Take me to the wormhole

Drop me in its tunnel

A die I am going to roll

I want to see which shoot

I will come out

Door number 1, 2 or 3

Suddenly eager for the journey

I called for the Wind again

He was busy making a hurricane

In another part of the land

I waited impatiently

I could hear the Wind’s chimes

Laughing at my impatience

Though the wind was blowing fast

Suddenly without warning

I was swept up

I was in its grasp

Quickly, in a blink of the eye

It seems I was there

Looking at the mouth

I could see inside

Of the wormhole

I could not help but stare

It look so large and fierce

It looked alive, like a monster

I seemed to breathe

Big, black cobra

Rising up, to seethe

I closed my eyes

I held my breath

The wind reared back

It blew me inside the throat

Of the wormhole

I felt I was being swallow

Going into a great belly

I wondered had the moon

Along with the wind

Thought this was funny

Had they fooled me?

Maybe this is the end

The wormhole is a cobra

And just swallowed me hole

Maybe I am a sacrifice

To some sort of God

Maybe I am a foolish

Stupid broad

Just as I was about to cry

I was dispensed

It was a hard landing

Right on my ass

But quickly I was standing

I wondered around

I did not know this land

It seemed rather dark

And then I saw death

At first I was scared

Ready to scream and run

But what good would it do?

Running around looking dumb

I stayed calm as I wondered

And listened for the dogs

Or a horse on the hoof

I truly wanted to find

The gatekeeper

The one with the keys

For I couldn’t help but be frightened

Overcome with fear

Just then I hear the hounds

I go up in a hurry

I followed their sounds

It was then I saw her in a great chariot

She seemed to be expecting me

She was very mysterious

She stopped and without a word

She had me get in

A tour in her chariot

To help me to settle in

I felt at home with her

I felt quite safe too

Though this place was peculiar

There would be much to do

I will be able to study

The ways of this world

Eager I am to learn of it

Eager to I am to explore

Maybe another day

The Wind will stop by

To invite me

To take another ride

Maybe I will end up back home

Or maybe some other place

I truly don’t mind

I think

I will grow

To love this place

Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

One response to Crossover


    Fascinating, Nae. I didn’t know where this was going, but that’s what this story is about, isn’t it? Well told!

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