My Name is Henry

Nae's Nest —  October 24, 2012 — 5 Comments

She is the outcast.

The little bird who was pecked at.


Without mercy.

She was different.

A defect.

No one to hold her.

No one to love her.

No one to care.

She learned to care for herself.

No one knew who Daddy was.

Mamma stays stoned.

Mamma doesn’t care.

Daddy would take care of her.

If he only knew.

No one would ever hurt again.

With her Daddy there.

No more smelly hair.

No more dirty clothes.

No more empty tummy, growling in hunger.

No more untied shoes,

Dirty and too small.

No one knew how pretty,

Smart and sweet,

She was

Only mean men noticed.

The one’s Mommy brings home.

To stay the night

Like many before  him

Asking for me to come in

Mamma gets mad and swears.

That aint-a-never happening.

You need to get out da house

Afore you mess this here all up

You go on now honey.

Where will I stay? Mamma, where will I stay?

Oh don’t get worked into a panic.

I am sure one of your little friends will take you.

You just tell them Mom is busy tonight and it will be late

Mamma! I yell as she pushes me out the door.

I have no friends, you know this!

I told you no one likes me.

Well then you’d better start making ones.

She was pushed out in the dark

Alone with tears.

Where will she go?

What was she to do?

Daddy, daddy, oh daddy!

Where are you?

She crumbled at the park.

A small area surrounded by trees.

She shrank into the bushes and shadows.

She tried not to hear all the noise.

The scary and big noises.

As quietly as she could,

She cried herself to sleep.

She awoke to the loud noises, darkness

 A hand on her shoulder!

No No No! She cried.  Don’t hurt me.

I had nowhere to go.

Mamma was busy and sent me out.

Out to stay all night!

Please don’t hurt me!

I had nowhere else to go.

Ask my mamma!

OH, we will be doing that, Little One.

We will be doing that.

You do not need to be scared anymore

You are lucky we found you.

I am Mike, this is my partner Joey.

We are the police.  You are lucky we came upon you.

You hid very well.

Were you looking for me?

Well, not you exactly.

But very lucky we did.

The park is dangerous at night.

Can you show us how to get home from here?’

YYes, she stumbled.

My mamma  will get awfully mad at me.

Is that why you are here?  Your ma is mad at you?

Noooo.  She has a man staying the night.  I think he liked me better than her.

The cops did not like this at all.  They tried to stay calm for the girl.

By the way Honey, what’s your name?

Henry, she muttered softly.

What was that? Couldn’t quite hear ya?

To which she said loudly, “HENRY”

The cops looked at each over and chuckled.

“Henry”  began to cry.  Mike picked her up and held her.

Ahhhh, Honey. We are so sorry.  We weren’t thinking.

What you must be going through.  Now tell me, what is your real name?

She began to wail.  Mike noticed just how much she was shivering.

She was sneezing now too.  Joe found a blanket in the back of the car.

They decided they had better get to her house to get her warmed up fast.

By the way, how old are you?

5, I am or maybe 6.

You don’t know?  What you don’t have birthday parties and stuff?

She looked at him blankly.  Again, he wished he was kicking himself.

Finally, they arrived to the house.  The girl visibly stiffens up and begins to shudder hard.

She was in true fear.  Just what all has she been through, Mike wondered?

Joe, making it to the door first knocked LOUDLY on the thin door with his gun.

Mamma’s selfishness ends now and they wanted her to know it.

Behind the door both Mamma and Him could be heard.

The girl pulled Mike close in embrace, clearly bonding with him.

As the voices neared, swearing threats were being made.

Freya, if that’s you, your ass is dead young lady.

I told you to get out of this house I didn’t care where you had to stay.

If you were smart, you’d charmed the pants off some man just like your mamma does.

He keeps you safe and warms the bed.  They both laughed uproariously at that.

This is when the door open, their smiles froze into place, like the morbid grimace on scary clowns..

Visibly they began thawing as they took in the badges.

Immediately Mamma began to bitch at her daughter.

Wanting to know what she did against the law.

Telling her to apologize to the nice officers.

While trying to grab Freya out of Mike’s arms,

She assured the officers she’d beat Freya within an inch of her life.

At this point both were being read their rights for child endangering.

The man for his sexual taste for little girls,

The mother for everything except being a mother.

Mike promised Freya, they would look for her father.

She only knew his name was Henry….maybe

He also pulled some strings so that he and his wife could foster her.

They would happily be a family with sisters and a brother.

A dog and cat too.

Freya loved her new family. and baths, new clothes, friends, good grades,

she hardly remember the dark life she once had.

She finally felt loved and cared for and that was all that mattered.

Her Dad’s name is Mike

Renee Robinson



Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

5 responses to My Name is Henry


    amazing, this was sad, beautiful, poignant and happy all at the same time……


    That was supposed to be, “with an excellent storytelling technique…”


    Powerfully written, withman excellent storytelling technique, and of course the happy ending.. Beautifully done Renee.

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