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Glimpses of Soul

This month we feature the work of Minnesota photographer Mandy Dwyer of Glimpses of Soul Photography. Mandy visited Home for Life® in November 2009 to photograph the animals for their sponsors’ update letters. To see more of Mandy’s photos, see her blog entry about the experience.

long-haired tortoiseshell cat

Musette is a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell cat who is getting on in years. Musette was named after a dressage horse, and the musical name seemed perfect for this cat, who has a musical meow and feminine charms.

She was found on the doorstep of a kind family in the Twin Cities, pregnant and nearly starved to death. They asked us to help the poor cat, who was skin and bones. Musette was taken to the veterinarian, where she gave birth to four kittens. Two of them died soon after birth, and Musette had no milk and was too ill to nurse her surviving kittens. When the vet staff came in the next morning, Musette was lying on top of the dead kittens to keep them away from the two that were still alive.

Musette and her two kittens then came to Home for Life® . Her surviving son, a long-haired tiger named Schroeder, also struggled to live. Musette seemed to give up on him so that she could focus what little energy she had on the one kitten she somehow knew had a chance to survive: that was Lucy. Musette put Schroeder out of the bed repeatedly; we would find her cuddled with Lucy while poor Schroeder curled up outside the cage, alone and cold.

We bottle-fed Schroeder and pulled him through. He became a fully grown, handsome adult, but he contracted feline leukemia and died before the age of two. Oddly, Lucy and Musette never tested positive for the virus.

As a cat who formerly struggled with starvation, Musette put on a lot of weight with abundant food. Dogs and cats who have experienced severe deprivation in the past often overeat. Lucy has always been chubby too. It’s as if they declare, like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, “I’ll never be hungry again.”

To this day, Musette and Lucy are very close and often spend time lying or resting near one another. We are so glad that Musette can enjoy spending time with the daughter that she tried so desperately to save. She is a good mother

Nae's Nest


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