Spirit Of The Seahorse

Nae's Nest —  August 17, 2012 — 7 Comments

I love animals of all kinds.  There are a few I seem to have a special connection with.  Some are a bit unusual, as they are not often thought of as a “special” critter.  The one I refer to today is the one I have adored since I was a child.  The Seahorse!

Such a beautiful, yet tiny little creature.

Is no wonder he is one of my favorites

He even comes in yellow

Such a gentlemanly fellow

He was noted for great power

Even by the Greeks

Known he was in mythology

Believed to be a Sea Dragon by the Chinese

Believed to be a wondrous spiritual guide

  The Seahorse  is a symbol for the unusual.  Which is probably why I am drawn to them,  Not because I am unusual, which I am.  But because they are unusual.  They are loyal and good-natured.  They mate for life and , God love ’em-the male births the young!  They have a pouch, like a kangaroo and carry the babies in there.  What female wouldn’t be tempted by that?

They are known as hard workers.  In fact, occasionally, even working themselves to death.  They will literally exhaust themselves trying to fight through choppy water.  They have ravenous appetites, and need to feed almost constantly to sustain themselves.

Knowing this, one would think they would try to  be near a food supply at all times.  It is said a Seahorse carries much energy.  A person who is connected to the spirit of the Seahorse is said to be very colorful and energetic in return.  Perhaps, this is why I’ve always been drawn to them.   Although, I do know when to slow down and not work myself to death….well OK, not always.

If a Seahorse ever comes to visit you then you are very blessed.  He may tell you things are not always as they seem and remind you not to overwork.  He will want you to take care of yourself before taking on other duties.  And, if you are female, I am certain he will share some glorious stories of fatherhood!

The Seahorse is a calm and peaceful little fellow  They sort of sway to the water.  A gentle and calming dance to the music of the sea. The seahorse is a symbol of patience.  Something, many of us often have difficulty finding.

As stated above, the males’ birth the young.  The female’s drops her eggs into the male-pouch. (smiles) The male will carry up to 2000 babies during pregnancy which last 10-25 days.  He is impregnated by the female and carries the eggs full-term.  This is symbolic of sharing household duties and knowing there are two sides to every story.

Evolution has not really change the seahorse’s body structure much through the years   This symbolizes the creature is pleased just the was he is.  No tummy tucks or butt-lifts needed for this little guy.  He is satisfied with what he was blessed with.  A glorious trait which is very hard to find now-a-days.

He will weather the storms by hanging on tight with his tail during the rough seas.  This is to teach persistence and have the strength to meet your goals.

He wears his skeleton on the outside like a suit of honor which symbolize protection.  If he ever visits you in a dream he may be telling you that you need security and protection.  He could even be telling you that you are building unnecessary walls around yourself.  Thus not allowing the sunshine to roll in and bless you with the happiness of its presence.

They have sharp eyes which can move in separate directions.  This is a symbol of great perception and awareness.

If a seahorse ever takes time to visit with you.  Listen to what he has to say.  In his sea-song voice you can learn of his magical wisdom.  He will tell you to open yourself to a greater awareness and connect with yourself.  Your natural space of protection.  Listen to your in born instincts which we all have but tend to ignore.                                    

I found this symbolic list which I like and decided to share:

“Today you will be taken on a magical journey with the seahorse.

  •  Open yourself to a greater awareness.
  •  Connect with your natural space of protection.
  •  You will discover your inner power and strength.
  •  Learn to perceive your life from a higher viewpoint.
  •  Reconnect with the abundant energy that surrounds you.
  •  Expand your heart to release old emotions.
  •  Feel yourself being washed clean of the old.
  •  Discover the secret treasures in your heart.
  •  Meet your seahorse guide.
  •  We may have some special visitors that come in as well.”–compliments of “Shift Frequency”.

Perhaps this sounds a bit “quirky” for most of you.  But, there is  message inside this story.  Depend on yourself, but don’t overdo it.  Know when to stop and maybe ask for help.  Reconnect with yourself and get a needed burst of energy.

Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

7 responses to Spirit Of The Seahorse


    hello! this post really made me smile. 😉 i have always been fascinated by the seahorse. such a strange beauty.


      they are a favorite critter of mine

        justa_stranger_pasisng_through@yahoo.com September 15, 2013 at 3:14 pm

        I realize this is an older post, but I just happened upon it and absolutely love it! My parents had seahorses in an aquarium when I was little, and I loved watching them – especially when the male had babies. Your site is inspiring. I’m looking forward to reading some of your books – thank you for sharing.

        Darla Blasé, Waterford, Michigan


        Thank you! I have written several poems about seahorses. There is just something about them that I have always been drawn too.
        I’d love to here your feedback on any of my books you choose to read.

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