Captured Wind

Nae's Nest —  July 26, 2012 — 2 Comments

Capture the wind in a painting

Leaf tornadoes

A final fall dance

Little girls

Wind-whipped hair

in tangles

Scuffed, shiny shoes

and uncontrollable giggles

Racing toward

A giant leaf pile

Calling the names

Of each child

Devilish expressions

On cherubic faces


On your mark!

Autumn races!

Tumble weeds

of laughter

Knobby knees

And yesterday’s skinned elbows

Rolling round and round

In a pile of leaves

Wonder who made these for me?

Flip flops and princess jumps

Lace panties peeking out

Of Carhart jackets

Cutest tom-girls

Ever created

In a few more years

The boys will

Appreciate ’em

But for now

The small town watches

As these tots

Play hop-scotch

Suddenly, to the town’s dismay:

Runny nose and a sneeze

Girls called home

Before they freeze

This moment in time

A perfect painting it would be

Nothing fancy

Just two little girls

Playing carefree

Renee Robinson

Nae's Nest


I find myself "Dancing With Cancer", problem is...I can't dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry....just about anything goes.

2 responses to Captured Wind


    I LOVE this! What a vivid picture you paint!

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